A guest blog by Barry Coe

Once again, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) has shown its agenda of manipulation and distraction. It leaves no other choice but to step back and question their agenda and intent. To believe that IDFG is forthcoming and honest can no longer even be argued as the evidence of what I see as outright corruption becomes more and more obvious.

In our recent meetings concerning the new proposals over hunting season changes, our panhandle game manager, Jim Hayden, presented quite a lot of data relating to most of our wildlife species, although moose were never mentioned at all. In his data concerning wolves, he presented numbers that showed at least 150 resident wolves and about 100 wolves that he called border packs; wolves that crossed back and forth across state lines. To be honest, everyone, including Jim Hayden, made statements that they felt these numbers were conservative, but Mr. Hayden felt we could safely say that at any given time we had 200 wolves in the 9 northern units of Idaho that made up the panhandle zone.

Now, the corruption. In a report made from IDFG to the USFWS that outlined Idaho’s wolf population. See it here: http://www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/species/mammals/wolf/annualrpt11/FINAL_2011_Idaho_wolf_monitoring_progress_report.pdf
You will see that the wolf pimps inside IDFG made an official claim that the entire northern 9 units of Idaho that make up the panhandle of Idaho only contains 26 wolves. Yes, that is not a typo, 26 wolves. I am not usually surprised by anything this group of wolf lovers inside IDFG does, but such a discrepancy further exposes the huge problems that lay inside our game department.

So, who is lying? It is impossible to support the number of 26 wolves. No one who has any knowledge in this situation would have any other reaction but disgust and laughter at the obvious misinformation put forth by Jason Husseman, Jennifer Struthers, Brent Thomas, Craig White and Jon Racheal. It is so outrageous that I would contend that it borders on intentional fraud. A quick check into the background of most of these people will quickly expose they are long time wolf pimps, many came directly to the department via Ed Bangs and the USFWS wolf program. They have been long time exonerators of all things wolf and it seems they will continue to push that agenda. I really have to question the person who promoted Jon Racheal to the position of State Big Game Manager.

If the hunters of Idaho and the nonresidents who used to hunt here really want to know why we are where we are, you really need to look no further that IDFG itself. As long as people like these are employed with the department and allowed their way, our hunting is doomed to be nothing more than a memory of the past. Gone are the days of traditional biology and sound science, instead it has been replaced by conservation biology based on opinion and agenda of anti-hunters and wolf pimps.

When I presented a copy of the USFWS report to Mr. Hayden and the others at the meeting from IDFG, they pretty much just hung their heads as these types of issues are not defensible. While I will admit there are some really good people inside IDFG, I think it is more than obvious that the department is also infected with people who do not support their fiduciary responsibilities and legal mandates. It is time for those people to be removed and removed now.

Barry Coe