If there was ever a doubt in citizens’ minds that laws are for the lowly subjects and the ruling elite get to exist above such laws, then perhaps what is going on in Idaho will shake you out of your lethargic trance and incite you to ask what in the world is going on.

In a letter dated March 1, 2012, Steve Alder, a member of Idaho for Wildlife, informs Scott Rockholm, founder of Save Western Wildlife, that his life is being threatened by a member of the Idaho Department of Fish and Game Commission.

Steve Alder describes in his letter to Scott Rockholm a telephone conversation he had with Commissioner McDermott:

During my conversation with Tony McDermott he mentioned his hatred for Scott Rockholm. What shocked me was he claimed he wanted to kill him and he said he was serious. He said he’d like to take a .45 pistol and shoot him right between the eyes.

My upbringing would probably place me in the same situation as what Steve Alder describes he found himself in; “shocked” and saying, “I had never heard of anyone hating someone so badly and I hoped this was in jest.” And I, like Mr. Alder, would probably hope it was in jest and give Commissioner McDermott the benefit of the doubt that perhaps he was having a bad day or at least a bad moment, resulting a bad decision to express such anger and hatred.

But it didn’t end there according to Alder:

During our horseback trip in Salmon in July, Tony mentioned his hatred again for Scott but didn’t mention he wanted to kill him.

Maybe it was just a bad day and the commissioner just has an abject dislike for Scott Rockholm due to fish and game issues which can become passionate. However:

Then a couple of months ago, __________ phoned me after an hour and a half phone conversation with Tony McDermott and ___ said that Tony wants to kill Scott Rockholm. (I intentionally left off this person’s name.)

Two months later and he’s still in angst and expressing to another party that he wants to kill Scott Rockholm? So why isn’t Mr. McDermott behind bars? Is it because the ruling class is treated differently than the commoners? Do you think for one moment that had Mr. Rockholm or any other lowly subject threatened to kill Tony McDermott, they would still be up and functioning in a normal capacity? Of course not.

In following specific comments about this letter on Facebook, Scott Rockholm says he isn’t the only one that Mr. McDermott has threatened:

He also made the threats to three other people, but they did not want to come forward, due to repercussions from the department.

It should also be mentioned that Scott Rockholm and Steve Alder have not been seeing eye to eye in recent months; mostly stemming from positions taken on the recent farce known to Idaho sportsmen and environmental activists as a Wildlife Summit. How this sordid relationship will play out in this shocking disclosure, maybe time will only tell.

In another comment made on Facebook by Rockholm, he stated that the local Sheriff’s department will not do anything about this threat and is considering bringing in the State Police. Why won’t the sheriff’s office do anything about this threat?

Disgusting political hierarchy in action.