*Editor’s Note* On December 11, 2012, I published an article on this website highlighting portions of a letter written by Steve Alder of Idaho for Wildlife and sent to Scott Rockholm, founder of Save Western Wildlife. That letter, in part was a warning to Mr. Rockholm that Mr. Tony McDermott, a fish and game commissioner for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, had used threatening language directed at Rockholm expressing a desire to “take a .45 pistol and shoot him right between the eyes.”

As would be the proper thing to do, I am publishing a response to my blog and that letter. Steve Alder has sent me a response to my article and in reference to the letter. His response can be read below.

To: Tom Remington
From: Steve Alder

Date: 12-12-2012
RE: Scott Rockholm letter

Tom, please provide the following response to yesterday’s article on your website called:

Witnesses claim Idaho Game Commissioner has seriously threatened to murder Scott Rockholm.”

When I wrote the letter to Scott Rockholm regarding Tony McDermott I had some faith in Mr. Rockholm and believed some of his words. Following is an excerpt from the letter I sent to Scott telling the authorities what I told Scott: “Try and make things right with Tony and work on his relationship with Tony. Scott promised me he would. I knew commissioner McDermott was doing some good things for us and I did not want this issue to disrupt the IDFG commission.”

I also specifically told Scott the following regarding keeping this letter confidential: “Scott please don’t forward this letter to anyone except the authorities if you would be so kind”. In my opinion, by Scott making this letter public demonstrates his lack of integrity and ability to keep his word and he cannot be trusted.

Shortly after I wrote the letter, we began to hear rumors about Mr. Rockholm and some of the following information began to surface. I realized how wrong I was regarding both Mr. McDermott and Mr. Rockholm. I know Mr. McDermott has a short temper regarding Mr. Rockholm as I’ve seen many terrible emails Mr. McDermott has been sent by Scott.

Initially when Scott began getting involved I was excited for him and enjoyed some of his videos. In my opinion, the ego and $ took over and has adversely affected him. I soon realized I had been wrong about Mr. McDermott and phoned him and apologized for what happened. I told him about the letter and how I felt I had been put together and deceived by Scott. Even though Mr. McDermott gets very irate when the name of Scott Rockholm comes up, I’m convinced that this entire death threat was exaggeration and embellishment at its greatest. In no way do I think Mr. Rockholm is in any physical danger from Mr. McDermott. A few months ago, Mr. Rockholm snapped a “Creeper” photo of Mr. McDermott and his wife having a private lunch together and Scott posted it all over Facebook! This was a red flag to me who was staking who!

Then a former law enforcement individual emailed me a link to the Idaho Supreme Court judicial website that might further explain this behavior and in my opinion why the local police authorities do not want to pursue any action against Mr. McDermott.

I want to say I have nothing against any of his SWW members except a Barry Coe and Scott Rockholm. I don’t believe Mr. Rockholm has any positive influence with our IDFG commission who establish policy due to his constant threats and attacks against them.

Following are just a few examples we have of where sportsmen have questioned Scott Rockholm’s credibility.

Mr. Rockholm claims that IDFG commissioner Tony McDermott got drunk with wolf lovers and the next day makes a motion to up the wolf count from 100 to 900! This happened on the Kelly radio station. Mr. Rockholm claimed he nailed Mr. McDermott at the meeting in front of everyone and he had affidavits from 2 people who were right there who witnessed the death threat against him! This was a complete fabrication as neither of those who wrote the letters were even at the meeting and I have never even met Mr. Rockholm! (Click here for the recording on the radio where Rockholm fabricates another dandy!)

I realize the following isn’t a big deal for most of Scott’s followers but it might be of interest to some of the RMEF members.

SWW claimed that they met with David Allen the President of the Rocky Mountain elk foundation and encouraged him to step forward and become more aggressive with wolf management.

“Yes, we have met with David Allen, yes encouraged him to step forward and
take the position he did. You see we approached him before RMEF changed course.” (See post here)

RMEF Response:

From: David Allen
To: Steve Alder
Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2012 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: Scott Rockholm and Barry Coe

I have never met with either of them to discuss any such thing.
I shook Me Rockholm’s hand on the way out of a conference room once but we never had any discussion about anything. I do not know the other guy.

David Allen
President & CEO Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

(The only time Scott Met David Allen was at the SRM symposium in MT in Feb 2011 while in passing. RMEF had turned around their position on wolves at least 3 years earlier under David’s leadership and years before SWW was even formed!)

SWW Claim: One donor gave $1,000 to Scott Rockhom President of SWW for claiming he and IDFG commissioner Fred Trevey had shut down the IDFG wildlife summit. Unfortunately once this man and other Sportsmen went public with their accusations of alleged fraud, they became the victims of vicious attacks and ridicule by SWW leaders and loyalists. The man below received over 10 threatening emails from SWW president Scott Rockholm including one warning him that it is a felony to even threaten Scott with an IRS audit! (We have posted 8 emails at the last page).(See Email below).

SWW Claim: Scott Rockholm Claiming he nearly had the Idaho Fish and Game Summit nearly shut down. “I nearly had it shut down”: The reason he was claiming he had the Summit shut down was because he was telling donors to purchase “Wolf Howler” calls from his website so they could shut down the summit! As soon as he realized he was being monitored for this, he immediate took his website down and claimed it was “hacked by the enviros”.

Facts: Response from Idaho Fish and Game Commissioner Trevey regarding Scott Rockholm’s claims of nearly having the summit shut down:


To my recollection I have only talked with Mr. Rockholm once and never on the phone. The one time I had a very brief conversation with him was at the November 2011 Commission meeting in CdA. That conversation was at the public meeting the evening before the Commission business meeting at which we were briefed on the Summit. Upon learning during the briefing that planning efforts up to that time focused on a dialog with non-hunting groups, I did express my concerns on the record that organizations such as IFW and the RMEF were not in the loop. I have had subsequent conversations with Department personnel regarding my concerns with the process, especially the relatively small amount of time sportsmen have to directly express and develop their respective issues and concerns. At no time have I suggested to the Director or other Department personnel involved in developing the Summit that the event be called off.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify this inaccurate allegation.

Fred Trevey
Idaho Fish and game commissioner


Emails from Scott Rockholm to a Sportsman who donated $1000.00 to SWW and then questioned where and how his donation was used:

Email 1:

From: (Scott Rockholm)

Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 11:00 PM


I will contact the IRS, and I will let them know you are threatening me with

an audit. I’m sure your brilliance will allow you to realize it is a felony

to make such threats. You are one of the dumbest people I have ever met.

Email 2:

From: (Scott Rockholm)

Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:28 PM


You will retract your lies, or I will sue your ass off. You will also

publicly apologize. I spent three hours with my attorney today, and you are

exposed. If you want to play, I am ready. The move is yours, and you have

one hour to do it. Steve Alder and Billijo are going to be served very soon.

You will also lose your bonding. The next time you choose to be a scum bag,

you better think twice.

Email 3:

From: (Scott Rockholm)

Sent: Tuesday, August 14, 2012 10:54 PM

To: Donor

Well, you play your hand, and I will do what I have to do. You are a liar,

period. Good luck with the audit dumb ass.

Email 4:

From: (Scott Rockholm)

Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 9:12 PM

To: Donor

You are a stupid SOB aren’t you. Do you understand your actions, or are you

drunk? GFY

Email 5:

From: (Scott Rockholm)

Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 9:02 PM

To: Donor

Reading your posts, and you are a absolute liar. Remember, you should be

very cautious. Slander and liable will sink your stupid ass.

Email 6:

From (Scott Rockholm)On, <> (Scott Rockholm) wrote:
Sent: Aug 13, 2012 5:07 PM

To: Domor

I knew you would turn out to be a back stabbing scum bag. A liar too.

Email 7:

From: “Donor”
Sent Monday, August 13, 2012 5:40 PM

To: (Scott Rockholm)

Subject: Re:

Go ahead,tell me about your conversation with Fred Trevey again,you know the one where the summit got shut down. You are so phony

Email 8:

—–Original Message—–
From: Scott Rockholm
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2012 8:27 PM
To: Donor

I never lied one time you tool. Support? You made a donation, a day before the first of the year, so you could write it off. You are slandering my name, and you are liable. This exposes you to a legal action, and yes, I promise I will follow through. You are a flat out lying bastard, and I will prove damages. Do you doubt me? Keep it up DH, and I will show you.