One Milwaukee News Writer Who Doesn’t Get Out Much
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Eugene Kane writes for JS Online. In a July 21, 2007 article, “Vick story brings a vicious truth to light“, Kane attacks the savagery of dog fighting in reference to charges recently brought against Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick.

While Kane is most assuredly entitled to his opinion of the inhumane treatment of dogs involved in the Vick fiasco, he shows to his readers that he doesn’t get out much and that he also has a real problem with hunting in general when he tries to get a dig in about there not being any differences between deer hunting and dog fighting.

I considered asking readers to weigh in on the differences between deer hunting and dog fighting in terms of animal cruelty. But I was afraid the computer system might crash from all the hunters proclaiming how much more humane their sport is, regardless of the annual carnage unleashed on Bambi’s mother.

Today he begins bailing water out of his sinking boat. The problem here is his pail is also full of holes. At his blog he says he got tons of emails and comments about the statement he made about deer hunting and dog fighting being one in the same.

I wasn’t being judgmental, but I did want to point out that deer hunting is not universally supported by most Wisconsinites I know.

It may be true in his tiny circle of friends and social acquaintances, but Wisconsin is no different than other states. It is a general trend that far fewer city dwellers are hunters than country folk but nationwide, the overwhelming majority of Americans understand and support deer hunting.

He then goes on to try to convince his readers that most deer hunters don’t eat the meat.

AND, the biggest fallacy about deer hunting – in my humble opinion – is the line that most deer hunters eat the meat.

I have lived in this state for more than 20 years, and I know more than a few women who say their husbands hunt every year but their families NEVER eat deer meat.

Perhaps in Mr. Kane’s circle of friends he sees this but it’s not the norm. In areas where hunters are allowed to take more than one deer, many times the extra deer are donated to feed the hungry. There are several organizations set up for this. There are, I’m sure, isolated cases of hunters who may not prefer the taste of venison and give it away or once again, donate it. I know of no one who shoots and leaves a deer to rot. As a matter of fact, there is a growing trend in this country among those who like to eat meat and are looking for naturally grown and healthier meats, to take up hunting for the venison.

The absurdity of Mr. Kane comes out in his idea that we should poison the deer in order to control the population.

I do understand the ecological impact of ‘thinning the herd’ but to be honest, I believe if we poisoned the deer each year, that would be much more humane than blowing their brains out.

Would you like to visit Mr. Kane’s blog and leave a comment? Click here, scroll down to the comments section and read what the not-so-happy commenters have to say.

Mr. Kane should have just stuck to the subject matter of Michael Vick’s involvement in dog fighting and left his bias against hunting out of the article. Then most of his readers would have agreed with him.

Tom Remington

Black Bears Take Toll On Wisconsin Elk Herd
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Jim Lee’s column this week from the Appleton Post-Crescent details how black bears killed elk calves and deer fawns this year.

Tom Remington

Wisconsin Wolf Population Just A Tad Below Estimates
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Earlier in the winter, Wisconsin officials reported that wolf populations may be as high as 600. After the completion of a wolf survey, Wisconsin DNR personnel say that estimate was a little bit too high. The final estimate puts the wolf population between 540 and 577.

Management goals called for a total of 350 wolves to be living outside Indian reservation land. That number has grown very large very fast and officials are discussing what to do about it.

According to the Wisconsin Ag Connection, the wolf survey is done in the winter before spring pups are born.

The winter count of wolves is used to gauge the status of the wolf population and set management goals. It is compiled using aerial tracking of radio collared wolves, snow track surveys by DNR and volunteer trackers, and collections of public reports on wolf observations. The DNR has conducted these counts of wolves every year since winter 1979-1980 when there were 25 wolves in the state.

Tom Remington

USSAF Will Join Lawsuit To Fight Antis Over Wolf Delisting
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Judge Paul L. Friedman for the U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. accepted a motion by the United States Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation to join in a lawsuit to fight against the Humane Society of the United States and the Animal Protection Institute. These two organizations are suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in order to stop the delisting of the gray wolf in the Western Great Lakes area.

Back in February, the USFWS removed the wolf from protection in this area as it was deemed to have fully recovered and no longer needed federal protection. Management of the wolf falls into the hands of each state who are required to provide the USFWS with an agreed upon wolf management plan.

USSAF will now join forces with other groups to fight against what they say is HSUS’ and API’s attempt at manipulating the Endangered Species Act in order to achieve their ultimate goal of putting an end to hunting.

“Anti-hunters want to exploit some imprecise language that exists in the Endangered Species Act and use the law as a tool to eliminate hunting,” said Rick Story, U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation senior vice president. “Anti-hunters don’t care whether the ESA allowed the once-troubled wolf populations to recover; they strictly want to use the ESA to ban hunting.”

Others groups the USSAF will be joining to fight for hunter’s rights will be: the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, Wisconsin Bear Hunters Association, and Wisconsin sportsmen Scott Meyer and Robert Stafsholt.

Tom Remington

Wisconsin Discussing How To Manage An Out Of Control Wolf Population
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Wisconsin was one state in and around the Great Lakes region that has had the wolf removed from federal protection. Although this is true, no plans were put into place to open hunting or trapping seasons on the wolf. Instead the state is playing with permits, allotting them to landowners who have had wolves kill pets or livestock. The state has also reminded people that they do have a right to shoot and kill a wolf that is caught attacking pets, livestock, etc. to protect property.

But many are asking what good issuing a few permits is going to do on a wolf population that is estimated to be around 600. Wisconsin officials and USFWS personnel say that 350 would be a scientifically ideal number of wolves to manage.

Tom Remington

Idaho Pay Attention! CWD Not Caused By Domestic Cervid Industry
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It seems the Wisconsin legislators have moved beyond pointing fingers and falsely accusing the cervid industry in that state of starting and spreading chronic wasting disease. Bill Vyvyan, president of Whitetails of Wisconsin, says that his industry was falsely accused.

“The cervid industry was erroneously and prematurely and falsely accused of being the cause of CWD.”

Vyvyan also says that his industry is no longer the focus when it comes to discussion on CWD. Now that CWD has been found in the state and it has been determined that it didn’t originate on domestic elk and deer farms, both the cervid industry and legislators are working together to find ways of minimizing the impact of the disease.

Perhaps those in Wisconsin are coming to realize that with good testing and a well run industry, this industry is actually a benefit to the state and learning more about how to stop the spread of CWD.

Tom Remington

Court Throws Out Chai Vang’s Challenge
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According to this report in Free Republic, Chai Vang, the Hmong immigrant who gunned down six hunters in Wisconsin back in 2004, requested a judge overturn his conviction based on complaints about statements he made prior to the trial.

Chai Soua Vang, 38, argued his trial judge should have suppressed his statements to police and a news reporter, and challenged whether the evidence supported a guilty verdict and whether the judge properly exercised his sentencing powers. The 3rd District Court of Appeals ruled there were no grounds to challenge his conviction.

Vang’s own attorneys told the court he had no grounds to appeal, but Vang sent eight handwritten documents from prison taking issue with that conclusion. The appeals court still had to review the case.

The appeals court found police read Vang his rights when he was arrested and again before questioning began.

The court also found no basis to throw out the incriminating statements Vang made to a reporter. Police intercepted letters between Vang and the reporter and recorded the conversation.

The appeals court said Vang knew his calls were being recorded and spoke to the reporter over his attorneys’ objections.

An appeals court dismissed all of Vang’s challenges saying they were all meritless.

Tom Remington

Vandals Attack Wisconsin Hunting Club
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When we read a headline like this, I’m not the only one who immediately says, “Must be the anti-hunting and animal rights groups at it again”. And that is why? Could past history have anything to do with it?

The truth is the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t have any clues as to who hit the Town of Mitchell hunting club either late last Thursday or early Friday. The damage from their act was estimated at $12,000. Here’s the list from the Sheboygan Press.

The vandals slashed tires on three pickups, three all-terrain vehicles, two trailers and a tractor. The tractor tire alone will cost $1,500 to replace.

Other damage included spray-painting the club’s $4,500 commercial sign and releasing 30 quail.

A couple of comments that follow this story finds a couple of people with the same thoughts I had.

Sounds like the STUPID animal rights activists again!!!!!!!!!!! They need to get a life. Anyone else agree??

It was PETA Again…thats People Eating Tasty Animals

If you have any information about this senseless act, contact the sheriff’s department at (920) 459-3112 or Crimestoppers at 1-877-CUF-THEM.

Tom Remington

Lawsuit Files Against USFWS To Stop Wolf Delisting
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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced in March that the gray wolf would be removed from protection of the Endangered Species Act in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin. Less than one month after that announcement, the Humane Society of the United States, Help Our Wolves Live and the Animal Protection Institute have teamed up to file a lawsuit against USFWS to stop that action.

In Minnesota alone, wolf estimates run around 3,000 in 485 packs. This lawsuit will more than likely tie up the process for a long period of time – just as the animal rights groups had hoped to do.

Tom Remington

Earn-A-Buck Expanding In Wisconsin
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Wisconsin has an Earn-A-Buck program that is implemented in 21 hunting zones. This program is one started by the Wisconsin DNR in an effort to reduce deer numbers and help control the spread of chronic wasting disease. Essentially, this means that before a hunter can take a legal buck, they must first bag a doe. This program will be expanded into a total of 35 hunting zones for next season.

Tom Remington

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