buck-bombMy husband came home the other day with these lovely little canisters for me to try, called Buck Bombs. (He always makes me try things first in case they don’t work). Since I was heading out for a long sit in my stand, and the rut is going strong right now and I thought this was going to be the do all end all. I’ll try it. I will try anything to give me an edge, because I don’t get a lot of time in the woods or at least not as much as I would like.

I headed out to my stand with my usual equipment in hand. Grunt call, bleat call, the judge (in case I encounter something large with large teeth) and of course my bow and quiver. I tucked the buck bomb into my pouch also and walked to my stand. The usual routine of checking the camera etc. went off without a hitch. Now to set off  “The Buck Bomb”.

I read the directions thoroughly so that I made sure to use it correctly. I pointed it down wind just like the can said and clicked the nozzle. I set it on the ground and everything was as planned. Bomb is going off like a charm.

I start toward my ladder stand and head up. All of a sudden out of nowhere…the wind switches directions. The slight breeze switches for a moment and drifts directly at me.

I at this point am covered in a fine mist of, you got it, deer urine. Doe estrus to be exact. I am trying not to gag at the fully odorful smell. (I know that is not a word but it describes the Bomb very well). The wind switches back and the canister completes it’s dispensing. I think mother nature likes to play pranks on me. Maybe because I find it amusing after the fact.I finish climbing up the ladder and settle in. I am not giving up my time in the stand for anything.

My sit was quite uneventful and I didn’t see any deer. I can’t say whether or not the “Buck Bomb” works or not. I really was not sitting still as usual. I was rather fidgety. I could not get away from the aroma. I can say that the smell does cling to everything, just as it says on the can. The stand, my clothing, my face mask, my bow,  my hands, the surrounding trees, everything and it only takes a few seconds.

The other reason it was not a fair trial was that I was now facing my real dilemma. I was going to have to get down and walk back out of the woods smelling like the Bomb. You know the stories that are running through my mind. I can just see the news stories across the country.  “Big buck attacks and kills huntress that smells like the Bomb” or maybe “Wardens find huntress trampled by jealous does”.

Needless to say the hunt didn’t turn out quite the way that I would have liked it to and neither did my product review, but I am finding it kinda humorous now. It brings a whole new meaning to “Smelling like the Bomb!”