Folks interested in scent-control clothing need to take a serious look at a relatively new product called “No Trace”. No Trace utilizes aprocess whereby the fibres in the clothing actually attract scent molecules, and neutralize them. No trace is amazingly easy to care for as well – simply wash it to reactivate.

From the No Trace website: The new science of odor control

The science behind the No Trace Odor Magnet Technology is a process patented by Dan River Inc. Permanently attached to the fibers of the No Trace fabric are molecules, called cyclodextrins, that act as magnets which attract and bond with human odor molecules as they are released from your body, preventing them from escaping into the air. The cyclodextrins are of various shapes and sizes, providing a broad spectrum of protection.

This same Odor Magnet Technology (OMT™) also attracts external odors such as campfire smoke, making the hunter virtually odorless.

Simple and easy care

No Trace will continue to absorb odors for up to a week or more. To restore it is a simple matter of washing the garment in scent-free detergent. If you’re in the field for an extended period, you can extend the effectiveness of No Trace with a quick rinse and scrub in a creek.

U.S. Patent No. 6,861,520

Visit their site here: No Trace