2006 is a record-setting fishing year in Arizona

2006 is turning out to be a record-setting fishing year in Arizona, even before the great fall fishing gets underway and anglers still have a chance to catch and submit record fish, especially big fish of the year.

“Some of the lead entries for big fish of the year could be surpassed, especially this fall when fish are feeding more aggressively with cooler water temperatures,” says Kirk Young, a fisheries biologist for the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Kirk, who manages the annual big fish of the year and state fish records, says he has been hearing about lots of huge that were caught but not entered. “It might be tough to top a 13-pound largemouth bass, but a 2.4-pound crappie or a 2-pound, 6-ounce smallmouth bass, while large, are not that unusual. We have many species categories, such as flathead catfish and Apache trout, that have no entries so far,” Young says. If you’ve been putting off that fishing trip, now’s the time to get out to Arizona’s cool mountain areas.