News for hunters: first-come javelina tags, upcoming small game seminars
Nov. 24, 2006

Looking for a holiday gift? First-come javelina hunt tags are still available

Looking for a great holiday gift idea? There are still several thousand javelina hunt-permit tags available for the spring 2007 hunts on a first-come, first-served basis by U.S. mail only from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

To find out what hunts have javelina tags available, visit or call (602) 789-3702. Keep in mind that each work day, the number of permits remaining can dwindle as applications are received and processed.

Department officials stressed that those who apply for the leftover tags need to pay attention to the new increased fees for licenses and tags for 2007 on page two of the spring hunt regulation supplement.

Those applying for the first-come, first-served process might also keep in mind that there are super new license deals available for 2007, including a new family license, a super conservation hunting license (includes various tags and stamps), and a super conservation combination hunt/fish license, which are available at department offices.

As a side note, don’t forget there is a change in the timing to apply for elk and antelope during the upcoming year: 2007 will be the first year the department conducts a winter draw, or lottery, for elk and antelope tags. The application deadline for elk and antelope is Feb. 13. Hunt permit-tags and refund warrants will be mailed out by April 27.

The department will begin accepting applications for elk and antelope as soon as the regulations are posted on the department’s Web site at That posting should occur by the end of December. The printed regulations should be available at hunting license dealers by Jan. 12.