Urban Fishing Bulletin
For the weeks of
Oct. 15-28, 2008

Manager: Eric Swanson (602) 789-3263
Specialist: Joann Hill (602) 789-3268

Call 1-800-352-0700 to report fishing violations

If you are new to Arizona, or have only recently discovered the great fishing opportunities available at designated Urban Fishing Program waters, then we have a deal for you! For the first time ever, the price of the Urban Fishing License will be reduced 50% for the final two months of 2007. When you purchase a 2007 Class U Urban Fishing License from November 1 through December 31, 2007, you pay only $9.25, instead of $18.50. Licenses may be purchased from any of over 340 license dealers statewide including many local sporting goods stores, bait and tackle shops, major retailers and convenience stores. Make sure to specify to the store clerk that you want the 2007 half price license. The regular Class U Urban Fishing License is good for the calendar year, from January 1 through December 31. This half price sale allows anglers to participate in Urban fishing at the end of the year without having to pay for a full year. November and December represent some of the best fishing offered at Urban Fishing waters with catfish stockings in early November, every other week trout stockings starting the week of November 12-17, and a sunfish stocking in mid November. Heavy stockings, great fishing and beautiful weather make for some of the best fishing experiences of the year at Urban waters—all at a price that’s hard to beat.

NOTE: The 2008 Urban Fishing Licenses are already available for sale at all license dealers if you wish to purchase them in advance or buy them as a special gift or Christmas present. There is no change in license prices for 2008.

Payson residents and visitors can welcome back the trout to beautiful Green Valley Park on Wednesday, October 17. A stocking truck from Colorado, loaded with 450 pounds of 11 to 18 inch rainbow trout, will be arriving in the afternoon to stock fish in the main lake. This special, season opening, stocking will feature over 800 trout that includes an extra 25% more fish. Trout can be caught on small spinners and spoons, by fly fishermen using nymphs or wet flies, and by baits such as scented dough baits, worms or salmon eggs. Remember to use lighter line in the 2-6 pound range, smaller hooks and a minimal amount of weight.

The Green Valley Lakes are stocked differently than the 19 other Urban Program waters in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Green Valley Lakes are stocked with rainbow trout for 8 months of the year from mid October through early May at two week intervals. No catfish or sunfish are stocked at Green Valley, however good populations of bass, crappie and sunfish can be found in this highly productive lake.

With catfish stockings now taking place every two weeks, fishing has been good to excellent. All 19 Urban Program lakes in both the Tucson and Phoenix areas are being stocked at rates of 35-70 catfish per acre every two weeks through early November. Best baits for catfish have been doughbaits and shrimp. Fishing for bluegill and other sunfish is good, with plenty of action along the shorelines for anglers fishing worms under bobbers. Rainbow trout will be stocked for the first time this fall at Green Valley lakes in Payson on October 17. Over 800 trout from 11-18 inches will be delivered from suppliers in Colorado. The trout stocking season at Green Valley lasts from October through early May with fish delivered every two weeks.

Stocking Update

Phoenix Area Lakes – stocked catfish Oct. 4. Next stocking – Catfish, week of Oct. 15-20.
Tucson Area Lakes – stocked catfish Oct. 4. Next stocking – Catfish, week of Oct.15-20.
Green Valley Lakes (Payson) – stocked trout May 11. Next stocking – Trout, Wed., Oct. 17.
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