March 12, 2008

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Mule Deer Foundation Donates to Deer Feeding Efforts

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) recently donated $8,500 to the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) to assist with the feeding program in the Gunnison Basin and other parts of Colorado. MDF President/CEO Miles Moretti and Chairman of the Board Stan Lueck presented a check for $6,800 from National Headquarters at the Mile High Chapter Banquet on March 8 in Denver at their annual fundraising banquet. The Mile High Chapter and Northern Front Range Chapter also raised $1,700 towards the feeding program. Colorado DOW Director Tom Remington attended the event and accepted the check on behalf of the agency.

Miles Moretti addressed those in attendance and spoke about how feeding deer under these types of conditions is only short term in nature but must be done. He said that MDF is committed to the long-term habitat needs of mule deer not only in Colorado but throughout mule deer range. Habitat improvement is a high priority for MDF.

Director Remington spoke of the effectiveness of the feeding program in the Gunnison Basin. He indicated the keys to success were starting the program early and having many volunteers helping man the feed stations. He indicated that preliminary losses of deer in the Gunnison Basin are currently estimated at only 14 percent, which is excellent under these difficult snow conditions. The final mortality numbers will not be known until late spring or early summer.

MDF has also been active in helping the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources feed deer in northern Utah. MDF volunteers have been manning feeding stations and hauling feed to the sites since early February.

Donations to the MDF Emergency Feeding Programs can still be made by going online to or calling the National Headquarters office at 888-375-DEER (3337). MDF has committed that 100% of the dollars donated will go directly to the feeding program.


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The Mule Deer Foundation is a national non-profit 501(c)3 organization, with over 10,000 members. MDF’s mission is to ensure the conservation of mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitats. MDF is dedicated to restoring, improving and protecting mule deer habitat (including land and easement acquisitions) resulting in self-sustaining, healthy, free ranging and hunt-able deer populations; encouraging and supporting responsible wildlife management with government agencies, private organizations and landowners; promoting public education and scientific research related to mule deer and wildlife management; supporting and encouraging responsible and ethical behavior and awareness of issues among those whose actions affect mule deer; and acknowledging regulated hunting as a viable component of mule deer and black-tailed deer conservation.

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