New Hydration Pack Features Advanced Materials and Functionality Designed for
Hunters and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Fieldline®, a premiere worldwide hunting gear manufacturer and distributor, is proud to introduce its new Cool Creek Hydration Pack™ especially designed to keep hunters and outdoor enthusiasts hydrated and organized. The Fieldline Cool Creek Hydration Pack makes any outdoor adventure safer and more
enjoyable by providing refreshing water in a lightweight, portable backpack. Dehydration is a major concern for anyone enjoying the outdoors, and the Fieldline Cool Creek Hydration Pack is the perfect way to carry a plentiful amount of water on every outing, whether on a week-long hunting expedition or a leisurely day trip. Following the Fieldline philosophy that hydration should also be easy to maintain and never interfere with the activity at hand, its new Cool Creek Hydration Pack includes adjustable shoulder and sternum straps, a bungee compression system and Fieldline’s quality, 2 liter hydration bladder.

Constructed of high grade polyurethane that protects the water and keeps it “tasteless,” the hydration bladder features an 11 mm wide screw-on water delivery hose and bite, a last-drop design to ensure no water is wasted, and a heavy-duty cap grip for easy closure when wet — all designed to keep hunters well-hydrated and healthy while trekking in any type of terrain.

With a slim, portable design, the Fieldline Cool Creek Hydration Pack also includes a zipper front pocket for carrying ID, keys and other items, enabling the user to maximize what he or she can bring while on outdoor adventures. The pack itself is constructed with superior materials and craftsmanship, and is built to withstand the harshest of outdoor conditions.

At 215 cubic inches, this unique pack measures 17.5” H x 8” W and is available in a camouflage pattern that is suitable and adaptable in a wide variety of natural outdoor environments. And, like all premium quality Fieldline products, the Cool Creek Hydration Pack comes with a Lifetime Guarantee – the hunter’s assurance of performance over the long run.

For more information about the Fieldline® Cool Creek Hydration Pack™, or any of the company’s extensive line up of hydration products, specialized backpacks, waist packs, duffels and accessories for hunting enthusiasts, contact Fieldline at 1919 Vineburn Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90032 • Telephone:
(800) 438-3353 • Or visit