BOGgear L.L.C. Announces Complete Redesign of its Popular RLD1 Monopod

The already popular RLD1 BOG-POD Monopod from BOGgear has now been completely overhauled to offer sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts the greatest level of usability and versatility – no matter what their passion.

Starting on the very top, the old style head which came with a conventional screw off shooting rest in the past now has been completely redesigned. The innovative new stick now sports a permanent, yet compact, adaptor plate which will accommodate the BOGgear Quick Change Head System called the “Switcheroo” . . . along with all the other quick change accessories designed for it. With this modification of the monopod head, all BOG-POD models which include the RLD3 Tripod, the RLD2 Bipod, and this RLD1 Monopod are now fully compatible with the Switcheroo.

The new Monopod also features: A sturdy wrist strap for those who want more control, improved and longer “soft feel” cushioned grips, an inch scale on the middle leg section for instant and personalized height adjustment, improved leg stops to eliminate over extension of the leg sections, new threaded rubber feet that will not detach in mud and soft ground, a free carry bag with built in Switcheroo/Cell Phone/GPS storage pocket, and finally, the RLD1 Monopod comes with a quick detach shooting rest installed from the factory. This Monopod with the Switcheroo kit is now the ultimate, must-have tool for hunters, still photographers, hikers and campers, and the ever growing population of professional and weekend videographers.

There is simply not a more affordable and versatile monopod on the market today.

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