WildCheff’s Fall Harvest Spice Pack & New WildCheff Spice Brines

Fall is the time we concentrate on the harvest!!! Whether it is taking to the field in pursuit of your favorite game animal, or stopping by your local apple orchard for crisp apples and fresh pumpkins. There is nothing more reminiscent of Fall than those Fall flavors that fill the air in our kitchens. If you love to cook or eat quality food, we all know the flavors are generated by having just the right seasonings to fires up your passion for cooking, and eating!!!

The WildCheff has made it simple by creating flavor packs that will truly make your recipes exciting!

In this unique gourmet pack you will flavors of fresh herbs and spices that will elevate your savory recipes in a very attainable approach to cooking. Whether you are cooking any variety of game, or your family favorite recipes, these blends are sure to help create tasteful memories.

The Fall Harvest Pack includes the following:

1 – 6 oz jar WildCheff Sagebrush Blend

1 – 6 oz jar WildCheff Tuscan Blend

1 – 6 oz jar WildCheff Wild Onion Blend

1 – 4 oz seasonal tin of WildCheff Mulling Spices

1 – Seasonal 2.5 oz tin of WildCheff Pie Spices

1 – Seasonal 2.5 oz tin of WildCheff Maple Sausage Blend

Description of WildCheff Spices in pack:

Sagebrush Outdoorsmen’s Blend
is a savory blend of sage, thyme, garlic and other natural ingredients. It is a great for flavoring al types of game, meat and birds, as well as for stuffing and flavoring sauces and gravies.
Tuscan Upland Game Blend is a soothing blend of fresh rosemary, garlic, lemon peel, green onion and other natural herbs and spices. Works very well with all types of game, red meat, birds, pork, lamb and fish.
Wild Game Onion Blend is a compelling combination of 3-types of onion, Worcestershire, bouillon and other savory ingredients. Great for seasoning venison meats – making burgers, meatloaf and can also be used for things like roasted potatoes and dips.

WildCheff Mulling Spices have a unique balance of cinnamon, allspice and cloves rounded with citrus notes from orange and just a hint of licorice from star anise. Great for mulled cider, homemade applesauce or poached pears.
WildCheff Pie Spices add a wonderful flavor and aroma to holiday pies combining cinnamon, lemon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger for delicious apple and pumpkin pies. Also great for making apple crisp.
New England Maple Game Sausage Blend is an addicting blend that combines “real” New England maple sugar with air-dried shallots, a hint of sage and other fresh herbs.

New for Fall of 2008 – WildCheff Brining Blends

WildCheff Brining Blends merge the WildCheff’s expertise in seasoning blends and sea salt. This is a convenient, all-natural, high-quality product that will enable you to easily create brines at home, resulting in pork, poultry and seafood with outstanding texture, moisture and flavor. With the leaves turning and Thanksgiving around the corner, now is the time to order. Find these in the Product Catalog at www.wildcheff.com

$9.95 New WildCheff Brining Blends (come in a convenient 16 oz jar)

New England Smokehouse Brining Blend
relies on hickory-smoked salt and mesquite notes from chipotle peppers to deliver a pleasing, yet subtle smoke flavor accented with whole green peppercorns. This blend is a great choice for turkey and white fish.

WildCheff Downeast Farmhouse Brining Blend yields flavor notes from garlic, rosemary, citrus and a hint of allspice berries. It’s a perfect fit for holiday turkeys and chicken.

WildCheff Fiery Brining Blend has pungent notes from whole black peppercorns, jalapenos, and cumin with subtle additions from garlic and coriander. This is a versatile blend that works with everything from shrimp to pork

WildCheff Oriental Brining Blend utilizes a wonderful combination of spices to deliver layers of flavor including sesame, garlic, coriander and ginger with a hint of anise making it a great choice for pork tenderloin or shrimp.

Why Flavor Brining?

Flavor Brining takes the magic of brining to a new level. Over time, the salt actually unwinds the complex proteins in the muscle tissue of the meat, making it tender. The salt solution infused with flavor from the addition of whole herbs, spices, and aromatics penetrates the cells of the meat, plumping them with moisture and flavor. Flavor Brining delivers moist and tender meat with great flavor.

WildCheff Brining Blends combine clean tasting California sea salt with Demerara sugar and whole spices such as star anise, green peppercorns, black sesame seeds, and chipotle peppers – all infused with aromatics like sesame oil, rosemary oil, and citrus oil. The result is layers of great flavor.

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