Not too long ago, I made a post about Cactuflage camo, which not only is made in the USA – but is a genuine Arizona Company to boot!

Recently, Ken Thompson, the man behind Cactuflage, agreed to answer a few of my questions.

1) How long have you been in business?

We founded the company, Sportsman’s Concepts on Oct 12th, 2007, so we just celebrated our 1st Anniversary.

2) What made you decide to get into the camo business?

I’m an Arizona native and have been hunting & fishing my entire life. In 1997 I bought a Cactuflage T-shirt and 6 pocket pants from a archery shop in the Phoenix area. Everywhere I wore the camo both friends and strangers asked about the product and commented on how perfect the pattern was for this southwestern area. Of course they asked where they could get Cactuflage. When I tried to purchase more of this great cactus-patterned camouflage, I couldn’t find the product anywhere. I began a search for any trace of the company and found a dead end with every lead I followed. After years of striking out, I finally hit a home run last September, and was able to acquire all rights to the product. I knew how well it worked in all the areas I hunted around our state, New Mexico and Texas, and am happy to be the one to bring this great product to hunters everywhere.

3) What has been your biggest challenge?

Surprisingly the biggest challenge has been finding textile companies to print our fabrics and manufacturing companies who still sew here in the USA. Current import/export policies have caused a huge decline in the textile industry in the US. We lucked out and found two companies here in the USA who have specialized in camouflage products. Did you know it is almost impossible to find a cap that is made in the USA? Only about 5% of all camouflage worn today is made in the USA…. So buy USA-made CACTUFLAGE ®. We can proudly say all our products are “Made in the USA” at this time.

4) What has been most surprising to you so far?

The biggest surprises have been;
1. How far we have come in a year.
2. The great people I’ve developed relationships with in the industry.
3. All of the great and positive feed back on our product from
hunters in every variety of terrain.

5) Generally speaking, how have sales been?

Sales have been steadily growing as people see and wear the product. We are paying close attention to the requests of our customers and have added several new items and sizes into our inventories.

6) Tell my readers why they should be using Cactuflage?

You ask, “Why should a hunter use CACTUFLAGE ®?” That’s simple! It works.. and it is 100% Made in the U.S.A. Blending into your habitat and terrain is what it is all about.

Cactuflage works in all types of terrain. As you would expect, it is superior to all camouflage in a cactus/desert habitat. The big surprise is how it transitions into the Pines, Juniper and other hardwood forests. If you hunt Elk, Deer, Bear, Antelope, Javalina or any wildlife, you will be amazed how well you become a part of the habitat regardless of where you hunt.

My Pro-Staffer, Jon Yokley, has taken over 75 animals with his bow, and reports that Cactuflage is the most effective of any camouflage he has worn in the past. I have taken many animals using CACTUFLAGE ® and have had herds of animals milling around me, unaware of my presence, while I chose my shot. An Arizona hunting company, KRK Hunting Adventures, has even moved to Cactuflage for their African archery hunts. If you are a serious archer or rifle hunter you need to have this product.

God gave rabbits, deer and all wildlife the best camouflage possible. What gives them away? Movement! From my experience, whether on a spot and stalk or sitting in a blind or tree stand, movement is the one thing that got me busted more often than anything. No matter what the color or brand of camo you or I have used, no matter what the MFGR says….. I will tell you even Cactuflage wont be foolproof 100% of the time. The skill of the hunter and the ability to control movement at the crucial time is what makes a hunter successful. Cactuflage reduces the chances of wildlife picking up those little movements at the crucial time the shot is taken.

Check out our website and online store, at Go to the pro staff or gallery on the menu to view how well this camouflage works …. Get your Cactuflage now!

7) What is down the road for Cactuflage?

Down the road we hope to expand our exposure for CACTUFLAGE ® and be seen in more archery shops around the country. Of course we would seek to possibly see our products in one of the well-known Big Box hunting stores. With such an outstanding product we look forward to the challenges of 2009 with anticipation.

And there you have it. Folks, I’ve had quite a few conversations with Ken, and I can tell you that he is not a smoke and mirrors guy. He’s not a marketing hypester. He believes in, and is proud of his product. To him, “Made In the USA” is important – it’s not a gimmick to generate sales. I would strongly encourage you to find this stuff, and give it a try.

Find it in Flagstaff at Bull Basin Archery; in Kingman at Desert Archery; in Glendale at Corner Archery, or check out their online store for 24 hour shopping!