I met the guys from Underground Skunkworks at the NRA Convention in May. This is a screamin’ deal! ~DesertRat

Chino Valley, AZ August 30, 2009 New developments from Underground Skunkworks, LLC; a Division of Black Bag, Inc, provides users of the Precision Rifle with high quality rifle packages. Ongoing operational issues currently experienced by Military and Law Enforcement Officers have fueled the need for higher quality tactical shooting systems.

In today’s economy, we understand that spending thousands of dollars on a custom precision shooting system may not be a practical thing to do. But at the same time, we understand that there are those
that will never find it within themselves to be satisfied with a box stock “Tactical” rifle. So, we’ve designed an economical and practical alternative that we guarantee will provide accuracy of less than 1 MOA out of the factory Remington SPS Tactical. No high dollar components involved, we utilize every part of the factory rifle by applying a bit of old fashioned attention to detail. We start by inspecting the factory rifle for possible defects, missing or out-of-spec components. If the rifle passes our inspection, we disassemble and
perform the following:

• True Receiver Face and ensure proper cut of threads
• True Bolt Face
• Lap Bolt Lugs
• Set barrel back and Match Chamber to ensure perfect headspace and proper throat
• Re-crown with our 11 degree target crown
• Surface grind factory recoil lug
• Open the 6-48 base screws to 8-40
• Trigger Job
• Blast and Re-finish
• Install in bedded Hogue/UGSW Overmolded Stock
• Test fire and print target with Hornady TAP Ammo

We guarantee a significant improvement over factory configuration and we will perform these upgrades at a cost of only $899*. This price does include the new rifle. We will also perform these upgrades on your rifle for only $400. Options for this package are:

• Underground Skunkworks 20 MOA Picatinny Rail, $179 (manufactured from 4140 ordnance steel)
• Hogue/UGSW Overmolded Stock with Aluminum Bedding Block, $279.95
*We will perform these upgrades on other Remington Tactical rifles as well but the price will vary based on the particular rifle in question.

For more information on these and our other high quality Precision Rifles, visit www.undergroundsw.com . You may also contact us to discuss your needs for a Tactical Shotgun Package built with Underground Skunkworks components. There’s also a complete line of high quality hunting rifles available from our sister company; Grizzly Custom Guns, LLC. (www.grizzlycustom.com)

Surgical Shot Placement. NO EXCUSES!
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