I was reading this article today in AzCentral.com. Some people may be astounded at her lifestyle but it sounds awesome to me! Maryann Pratt sounds like a lady I would love to meet. ~DesertRat

Full article: Lone-wolf rancher is ‘one of a kind’

When a stranger wanders past her door, she greets him with an iron handshake and kind smile: “Maryann Pratt,” she says. “I run this place.”

More than 100 cattle range over 37,000 acres of Tonto National Forest grazing lease, the Bull Springs Allotment. It’s a three-day ride from one end of her spread to the other, 52 sections in all, full of Western lore and Indian ruins.

Pratt works the ranch mostly alone, camping in winter storms, mending 70 miles of barbed-wire fence, hauling salt blocks by mule through sweltering summers. A floppy old hat tops off an outfit of baggy jeans and faded paisley shirt, blending into Arizona lore like camouflage. On clear nights at the ranch house, she sleeps outside under the stars rather than in a bed.

You can visit Maryann’s website HERE. She has some cool photos posted as well.