Thanks very much to Maggie Armstrong and Pete Crawford at Elite Archery for making this interview happen. I’m predicting you’ll be hearing more and more of Elite, in the future! ~DesertRat

Judge Riser
1) I understand Elite is pretty excited about announcing their 2010 Line-up this fall. What’s new for Elite?

We have a new bow called the Judge. The Judge has a 6” brace height, 34 7/8” axle to axle, IBO of 343 – 347 fps and is available in 26” – 30” draw lengths at 50 – 90 pounds. We will be outfitting our exiting line of patent pending, twin-track binary Revolution Cams, Z Cams & Cuda Cams with a modular system. All bows will have LimbSaver Vibration Damping Components. The XLR, GT500 & Judge will be available in Elite’s new target color: Anthracite Metallic. The XLR, GT500, Z28 & Judge bow models are available in Realtree AP, Realtree Max-1 (new for 2010), Ninja, AT Edition (AP & Max-1). We are also announcing a line of bow accessories. We partnered with Stokerized Solid Aiming Solutions and Doinker to bring a 7 ¼” and an 11” stabilizer. We will have a one piece and a two-piece quiver as well as a hip quiver for our target & 3D Archers. After much dealer & consumer demand, we now have an Elite Archery branded soft bow case.

2) Is there a common theme running through your new line-up? What was your goal?

Many of our dealers and customers are just starting to get to know the product line. Rather than scrapping our existing bow models and coming out with all new bows, which is something Elite did in the past, we wanted to keep the same line up but incorporate some new changes. We’d been getting some great feedback from our consumer base about wanting a “Speed” bow. We wanted to create a bow with the desired speeds, yet not compromise the draw cycle and smoothness of the bow. We believe we’ve accomplished this with the Judge.

3) With so many bow companies and so much technology, how do you stay competitive?

We listen to what our dealers and customers need in a bow. We are also avid hunters and 3D shooters, so we understand the demands for a great bow. We know we have great technology with our patent pending twin track binary cam system and would rather improve on these cams than try to reinvent the wheel.

4) What is Elite’s biggest accomplishment with the new line-up? What are you most proud of?

We are very excited to be able to provide our dealers with the adjustability of a modular cam system, but we don’t have to sacrifice performance. Our design team really did a great job with this new mod system. We are very happy with the Judge. We wanted to develop a speed bow, but it wasn’t worth it for us to give up a smooth draw cycle. So many new speed bows will shoot lights out, but really aren’t that fun to shoot.

5) Do you hunt? If so, what’s your favorite species? Where?

Yes. I enjoy hunting Elk in Colorado.

6) I may have some readers not familiar with your bows. What would you want to tell them about Elite?

We are a bow company run by hunters and archers. We strive for excellence in design technology, fit and finish as well as customer service. Our goals aren’t to be the biggest bow company, just the best. If anyone has questions regarding our line of bows, we invite them to visit a local Elite dealer and just shoot the bow. Many times we hear that customers will walk into a bow shop to purchase a particular brand of bow, then they shoot an Elite. Those customers usually end up walking out the door with an Elite bow.

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