Another gem from my friend Pat McHugh:

We always seem to forget about our feet and the load they constantly carry (us and our gear) and the trail conditions they traverse (through rain and snow, over gravel, rocks and steep terrain, through heat, humidity and cold, etc. etc.). It may be wise to take some time before or in the off-season to put together a little kit to keep in your pack so that when the going gets rough you can have the means to give your feet some TLC. Here are few items to consider, use a small Zip-Lock bag or a small plastic tackle box.
• Moleskin pads (blisters, rubbing spots)
• Antiseptic wipe pads (soothing, cleaning)
• Wet naps for cleaning and soothing feel
• Cushioning pads (Dr. Scholl’s rack in drugstore)
• Small pair of scissors (trimming pads, etc.)
• Foot powder (put into a 35MM film canister wrap with a few layers of duct tape which can be used to add standoff of tight fitting areas)
Make it a point to stop during the day and take your boots off, air them out along with your and after a long hike or long time sitting in a tree stand or blind. Pack an extra pair of socks in your pack; you will be amazed at how good your feet will feel after drying them out and cleaning them with a wet nap when you change socks mid-day.

You may want to consider adding some boot care items if you have the space and think you have the need or are going out on an extended trek.
• Cleaning Brush (removes mud/dirt build up)
• Polishing rag (helps dry and clean uppers)
• Extra laces (always extra laces just in case)
• Small can of boot wax (re-waterproofing)