I own two Ben Pearson bows and love them both! Would love to see more Ben Pearson fans in Arizona. ~Desert Rat

BREWTON, AL – Built on the company’s heritage of hunting and innovation, the Legend bow is the smoothest and quietest bow ever produced by Ben Pearson.

Hunters want a fast bow with low hand shock, a huge valley, an unbelievably solid wall and a great draw cycle, and Ben Pearson offers this with the Legend. The Legend was designed so that hunters can draw back with ease after sitting in the stand for hours on a cold morning and is easy to hold at full draw while waiting for an animal to present the perfect shot. The Legend’s valley is so deep that hunters will even forget they’re holding at full draw.

The Legend Specifications:

· IBO Speed – 332-321 fps

· Axle-to-axle – 32 3/4 inches

· Brace Height – 7 1/4 inches

· String Length – 55 1/2 inches

· Cables (2) – 37 3/16 inches

· Draw Weights – 50, 60, and 70 lbs. (75% let off)

· Draw Lengths – 25-30 inches (half-inch increments)

· Weight – 4.1 lbs.

· Colors – Mossy Oak Obsession®, Black with black limbs, Black with Obsession limbs

For more information, log on to www.benpearson.com.

Ben Pearson produces official licensed products of Mossy Oak/ Haas Outdoors Inc. Haas Outdoors Inc. is headquartered in West Point, Miss., was established in 1986 and is home of Mossy Oak (www.mossyoak.com). Mossy Oak specializes in developing and marketing modern camouflage designs for hunters and outdoorsmen. Mossy Oak patterns can be found on a multitude of products worldwide. Haas Outdoors Inc. is the outdoor industry leader in modern camouflage design, international licensing and marketing. Haas Outdoors Inc. markets its services and products under widely recognized brands including: Mossy Oak, BioLogic, Mossy Oak Productions, MOOSE Media, Nativ Nurseries, and Mossy Oak Properties.