A couple of years ago, some financial stress convinced me to sell my cherished .30-06 that my wife had purchased for me as a gift. Things are back on track now so I have been considering a replacement rifle for awhile now. I’m planning on doing some mountain lion/bear hunting this fall, which necessitated me speeding up plans to get another rifle. After some debate I settled on a .270 WSM. This cartridge offers slightly improved performance over the popular (especially in the West) .270 Ammo tends to be expensive, but I am not a serious shooter. Sight it in, go hunting. Next year, check zero, go hunting again.

I have been shopping at a local gun shop, Coleman Tyler. These guys have good prices, and what they don’t have, they can order. Once my I have gun in hand, look for a review of the rifle, and an overview of my experience with Coleman Tyler. After looking at different manufacturers, I settled on a Mossberg 4 x 4. I am curious to see how this rifle performs – I have read great reviews online, and not so great reviews, so we’ll see. This rifle is kinda freaky looking but has some nice features:

MODEL: Model 4X4 Bolt Action Rifle
SAFETY: Two Position Safety
TYPE: Rifle
SIGHTS: No Sights
BARREL LENGTH: 24″ Free Floating Button Rifled Fluted Barrel
FINISH: Matte Blue
ACTION: Bolt Action
WEIGHT: 6.75 lbs
STOCK: Black Synthetic Skeletonized Stock
FEATURES: Box Magazine, LBA Trigger System
Factory Installed Weaver Style Base
BUTT PLATE: Black Recoil Pad
MUZZLE: Integrated Ported Muzzlebrake
RECEIVER: Matte Blue

I’m going to top this rifle with a scope from Vortex Optics, most likely a 3.5-10 x 50 Diamondback. This is the scope I mounted on my last rifle and I loved it. Stay tuned for better photos and a full review of this rifle!