I sincerely want to thank Josh Clemence, President of SEEMZ Technology, for taking the time to answer some questions for my readers. If odor elimination is an important part of your hunt (and it should be), I strongly suggest you check out SEEMZ. ~DesertRat

1. How did you get into this business? What did you do before SEEMZ?
I am COO of a company who develops and packages commercial cleaning products. My experience with that lead me to the development of a new scent elimination technology. I am still working there and run SEEMZ as well.

2. How long has SEEMZ been on the market? How are sales going in this economy?
Our product and company first launched in the fall of 2008. We are seeing tremendous growth in the current economy.

3. There are a lot of scent-elimination products on the market – what makes SEEMZ different?
SEEMZ is not just scent elimination… it’s complete Odor Elimination. The other products on the market can only eliminate human odors, our product eliminates all types of odors. The way it works is remarkable. Instead of targeting the source of odors, such as bacteria, it prevents odor molecules from entering the air. This is what allows it to be the broadest spectrum scent elimination product available to hunters.

4. Do you find that some customers have unreasonable expectations about scent elimination products? As consumers, what should we look for, and what should we expect to accomplish?
Not with our product, as it typically amazes people how well it works. Hunters should buy products that work on a broad spectrum of odors, typical enzyme and biocidal(silver) scent elimination products just don’t do that. Taking all possible precautions is necessary to be successful, using a good product is just part of a good overall strategy. Get good routine down and stick with it. Nothing is 100% effective all the time, but a good routine can give you an big advantage.

5. Some of my readers may be just now hearing about SEEMZ for the first time – what do you want them to know about you and your company?
We are the New Generation of Odor Elimination. We are showing people that scent elimination products can be more effective than the products that they have used in the past. We even back it up with our Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We are also giving away 2 free kits each month during 2011, come sign up on our website to win some free hunting gear.

6. What is your favorite thing to hunt, and where?
Whitetail deer right here in my home state of Indiana.

7. What is the dream hunt you haven’t been on yet?
Bowhunting Alaskan Brown Bear

8 . What has surprised you most, since getting into the industry?
There are so many people all across the country who have volunteered to help us get the word out about SEEMZ. These are just normal people who have used the product and love it. Check out our testimonials, our customers are our endorsers. I sometimes refer to this group as the SEEMZ army. I just can’t express how much we appreciate all of their help.

9.Talk about growth – where do you hope to be in 5 years? Does a company like SEEMZ diversify, or keep focusing on scent elimination technology?
We hope to be the leader in the scent elimination category. We believe our product speaks for itself, and over time we will grow based upon the success of customers. We do have some other new and innovative product ideas we are sitting on. We will probably diversify into some other products someday, but our focus now is to provide the best scent elimination system to our customers.

One more big thank you to Josh, and a strong recommendation to visit his site in order to learn about SEEMZ Field Staff, SEEMZ scent elimination products and odor elimination tips and news!