Having an outdoor website, I’m on a ton of mailing lists. Some I pay more attention to than others. Sparky from M2D Camo is always sending me cool stuff. From deep sea fishing trips, to monster trucks, to hunting all over North America – it’s always something worth looking at. The nice thing is it’s not a constant stream of sales pitches. Rather, it’s Sparky and his staff and customers, doing neat stuff; granted they are usually using his camo, but that’s OK!

Recently he sent a video that I thought was worth sharing. His camo is shown in a variety of different settings, in different levels of light and I gotta tell you, it really does seem to change with the conditions!

Have a look for yourself:

By the way, M2D stands for “Made to Deceive” – looks like it might do a pretty good job of that! I have watched M2D for a couple of years now, and it is clear they are slowly and surely gaining ground. They keep getting a little bigger and a little more widespread, all the time. I had an interesting interview with Sparky awhile back. You can read it here: Interview with Sparky