You’ve been seeing a lot on the blog about M2D Camo lately and it’s a pretty good bet you’ll be seeing even more. I believe in this product and you won’t find a nicer guy in the industry than Sparky Sparkes. That’s exactly why I’m racking my brain finding ways to partner up with M2D!

The last time I really chatted with Sparky was over 2 years ago, so I thought it might be neat to catch up with him and see what was new. Thanks Sparky, for taking the time to answer some questions.

1. You’ve been busy since our last interview just over 2 years ago! How is business?

Yes I seem to stay ver busy these days. Business is going good and M2D CAMO is actually getting into a lot more retail stores, and now with the demo video I think people can truly get a true idea of how well M2D CAMO blends into any environment. It is hard to show the world that ONE pattern can be so versatile. M2D CAMO’s Livin the Dream TV show is still going strong and filming seems like it is never ending.

2. From your start until now, what continues to be your biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge still today is trying to convince people that they don’t need to look like a tree. The major camo companies have been telling us for 25 plus years that the pattern they come out with every year is so much better than the year before, and the year before that. If they are so good at developing a great camo pattern why do they need 10 different ones, and a new one or two every year. M2D CAMO has always just had one pattern, and it has the amazing ability to appear to change colors. That is the biggest challenge and trying to break that brainwashing that has gone on for so many year. That being said, we gain more loyal customers every day!

3. In marketing M2D, what has worked well for you, and where have you had to change course?

I think word of mouth and my website do the best to depict how well M2D CAMO works. Anyone who wears it, loves it and SWEARS by it. That has been my biggest ally. The hunters in M2D CAMO love it so much that they are constantly convincing others to join the M2D CAMO team. I think the FB and social media has been a good thing as well for a lot of companies. The TV world I think is slowly fading away from all the you tube and other sites showing hunting type channels. I have tried to stay with the current trends and do my best keeping up.

4. You’ve got some cool stuff going on besides making camo – what are some other things that M2D is up to?

Last year we added a Monster Truck in the Monster Jam circuit called M2D CAMO THUNDER. There is a hot wheels truck and everything. Its pretty cool. I also have been busy with my outfitting business Legendary Outfitters. We have operations in WA, ID, CA, and AZ. I sure don’t let any grass grow under my feet.

5. Is there a place in the US that you haven’t hunted yet, that is on your wish list? What about other countries?

I have been lots of places that’s for sure. I hunt about 15 different states a year. I like the west and chasing elk and mule deer the most, but do enjoy hunting the mid west for whitetails. And who doesn’t love a great turkey hunt anywhere. Archery Elk is my favorite and any time I can chase mule deer, I love that as well. I have had many offers to hunt Africa and New Zealand but have not had the opportunity to go yet. Too much going on to get away for two weeks. Maybe over the next few years I will get both in. This may sound hard to believe but my most favorite place to travel is HOME. I have two boys 11 and 9 and they are my world. It is really fun hunting and fishing with them, and being their buddy. I am truly blessed with two great boys!

6. When it comes to all of your products, what are you most proud of?

To be honest with you M2D CAMO itself is my most proud product. I invented ONE pattern than appears to be 6 different patterns. I think that is pretty impressive. Most of my products that you buy are the same as any others. We do have two custom vests that are very well thought out and have more pockets than you can imagine. One is a Waterfowl Vest and the other we call the APV or All Purpose Vest as it can be used for turkey, predator ,or any other hunting. The Waterfowl vest is strictly designed for a waterfowl nut. My new pants have a great new feature in the fact that I added a pouch for the knee so a bow hunter can insert a knee pad in there if he chooses. It is a great feature for die hard bow hunters who like to hunt on the ground and have to crawl to get close to their target.

7. Any cool new projects on the horizon?

I am really wishing we could get a pop up blind in our Camo on the market. I am hoping to maybe pull that off. I am also working on another TV show and maybe two. One is for waterfowl hunting and the other is predator hunting with the Verminator. These are in the works, so we will see how they go. I have some cool new things that I am working on that cannot be discussed as I am not ready to release them, but always trying to keep new things going.

8. If someone is just hearing about M2D for the first time, what would you want them to know?

I would want them to know that M2D CAMO is not a gimmick or a fake product. We are the real deal. So much that I offer 100% money back guarantee on M2D CAMO. It is very hard for hunters to understand that a grass pattern could be so effective in so many environments and so many terrains. Even in a tree M2D CAMO kicks ass. I guess it goes with the old saying you cant judge a book by its cover. M2D CAMO may not look the best sitting on you in church, but there is not a better pattern on the market for making you disappear in so many environments.

I hope this answers your questions and gets us started on our path to a great partnership.