My friend Sparky from M2D Camo always seems to have a bunch of interesting stuff going on. Add that to his TV Show Livin the Dream and Sparky and I thought it would make a cool feature every month to talk about where Sparky was “Livin the Dream” that month. Look for this to be a regular feature!

So Sparky what do you have going on this month?

“I will be starting the month by taking my son and a few of my friends kids out in WA for youth turkey season and hoping to put some gobblers on the ground and smiles on some kids faces.

I then am off to Kansas for the Governors Turkey hunt where I will be trying to put a big Kansas gobbler on the scale and help their event by filming and promoting it. I leave Kansas and head to Nebraska to hunt with some good friends and from what I have seen I should fill a few tags in Nebraska.

Back to WA where I will try to get myself out and get started on putting a few turkey tags on some of WA’s birds. Hopefully take some more kids and I am trying to to a few hunts with some kids from MDA.

Towards the end of the month I head to Texas for a week to chase gobblers, hogs, predators and exotics with some good friends of mine. I am really after a big Axis buck and some giant hogs. I hope to predator hunt every day to get some good footage with my Edge decoys and show how well M2D CAMO works in Texas. I get back in May and that will be another month of Livin your Dream and living my nightmare!”

Dang – Sparky always has something cool going on. Can’t wait to see what he’s up to next month! ~DesertRat