I draw a non-premium deer tag almost every year I put in. Same with javelina. I drew one elk tag a few years ago. That 6A muzzleloader hunt was a bit of a nightmare. I entered this year’s draw having 8 points for antelope and 6 for elk. My friend Greg had encouraged me to keep putting in for that 6A hunt again. It had good draw odds and I needed a chance at redemption! With 6 points I really thought I would draw that tag.

For kicks and giggles, I decided to put in for antelope as well. My friend Terry Herndon from Arizona Outfitter and Guide Service is always willing to help me out, so I asked him what Unit I should put in for. Since I need something relatively close to home, he suggested Unit 21. I put the General Unit 21 hunt down for all of my choices.

Imagine my surprise when the draw results finally came out – NOT drawn for the elk tag that I thought was pretty likely, and “Successful” for the 21 Antelope Tag! How hard is that tag to draw? Mine was one of 25 permits issued for rifle in that Unit. I read on another message board, “Last year there were 19,115 applications for 825 antelope permits (all weapons combined). If they would be awarded evenly, that would be an antelope permit once every 23 years.”

Terry and I have already chatted and I am super-excited about this hunt! He is confident that I will have an opportunity to get a decent buck. The hunt is in the second week of September. My friend Greg is helping me work up some loads for my .270 WSM and friend Jeff Rogers has a spot to go shooting, so I can practice out to 400-500 yards.

As I have proved over and over with some very experienced hunting friends, there are no guarantees in this pastime. That being said I appreciate the help and enthusiasm from my friends, and the support from Karole who informed me if I got one, I’d have to get it “on the wall”!

Credit to the photo goes to the Arizona Antelope Foundation, I pulled it from their site. If you’re looking for a great group to support in Arizona, check them out.