I have mentioned Final Step Cover Scents a couple of times already on this site but am excited to post the following interview. I want to thank Rex Jensen, Keith Wilson and Dwight Howdeshell for taking the time to answer some questions. Great job guys! Very interesting stuff…..

Keith Wilson

1. Tell me how you developed the product.

Rex: The complete story about how these products came to be is told in detail on our website under “about us”.

2. What has been the biggest unexpected challenge in bringing Final Step to market?

Dwight: The biggest challenge has been with marketing the new products.We have found that although we have a great cover scent that is unlike any other in the industry and one that we know our customers like that the larger manufactures in the industry do everything they can to block the entry into the market. This is accomplished in many ways and for this reason it makes entry into the field a challenge even with a great product.

3. What makes this different than other cover scents?

Dwight: Final Step Cover Scents are made from real plant material that is harvested by us and manufactured by us. We do everything ourselves and do not outsource or co manufacture anything. This is a patented process that cannot be duplicated in the industry. We have made a product that has incredible in field performance with long lasting residual cover scent capabilities. It is made in the USA and we are proud of this. This is not a scent elimination spray, this is a natural cover scent made from real plants.

4. Tell us about the future – think you’ll diversify into other products or stick with cover scents?

Dwight: We are a new company in the industry so our focus is in developing our business around what we do best, and that is making natural cover scents in Cedar, Sage, Juniper and Grease wood. We do have other products in our Research and development pipeline, but these will not compete with the natural cover scents. We want every retailer in the country to offer our products to their customers because we believe and our current customers beleive that these are the best cover scents on the market today. We want to help other hunters like ourselves who have full time jobs to be more successful while in the field on a limited time. We want to help change the way you hunt and maximize your success in the field.

Rex: We would eventually like to have a family of products that compliment our cover scents.

5. Clearly, all of you are hunters. What are your favorite critters and types of hunts?

Dwight: My favorite hunting is for Big Whitetail in the mid west, but I also enjoy the western hunts for Elk as well.
Rex: I am passionate about hunting the coues whitetail of the southwest, but eastern whitetails are a close second
Keith: I enjoy the treestand whitetail hunts in the midwest.

Dwight Howdeshell

6. What’s the dream hunt you haven’t been on yet?

Dwight: My dream hunt would be to go to Alaska and hunt Grizzly, Moose, and Big Horn Sheep.
Rex: My ultimate adventure would be a Bongo hunt in Cameroon or the Central African Republic.
Keith: My ultimate hunt would have to be a moose hunt in the Yukon and a red stag hunt.

7. Where would you like to see Final Step in five years?

Dwight: In five years I would like to see Final Step in every privately owned and major retailer and offering our products at an affordable price to hunters like us around the country. We priced our products to be affordable and we want to keep them this way for our customers. We will always be made in the USA and made by us and our employees.

8. For people hearing about Final Step for the first time, what do you want them to know about your company and products?

Dwight: See brochures and literature we sent you. You have to try the products for yourself to fully understand how effective they are and how well they work in the field. You will be amazed at the reaction you will see from animals in the field. Like the slogan say’s “Like you were never there”
Rex: Give thee scents an honest chance and you will be amazed!
Keith: I would just like to let all hunters that as long as there are hunters in this country,there will be final step to help them with there successful hunts and we will stand behind our product 100% .as hunters we know the satisfaction of a trophy hunt and we believe this product will allow everyone to experience the same,young or old man or woman ,this product was made with you in mind.

9. What has been the most exciting part of your journey so far?

Dwight: I have enjoyed developing and bringing a product to market that I know works and I believe in. It is about the new friends and fellow hunters you meet along the way of this journey that makes a difference.
Rex: Meeting so many wonderful folks with the same passion as us and developing a product that can literally change the way people hunt.
Keith: To me the most exciting part has been the gratification and blessings we have had from meeting so many awesome people from all over the states and countries. the friendships we have acquired by introducing Finalstep and hearing all the unbelievable experiences that have come about from using our products is why we are proud of Finalstep Cover Scents.

Rex Jensen

Although these scents will work across North America, you couldn’t ask for a more effective family of cover scents for hunting the West – cedar, juniper, sage, and greasewood. You can learn more here: Final Step Scents