Remember what Sparky said he would be up to in April ? Well, here’s a sampling of his success:

So – what does Sparky from M2D Camo have in store for May?

I started the month doing some turkey guiding in WA for some clients out of Kansas.

I have too go to Seattle for a few days….dang business meetings….then off to Montana for more business meetings. Some parts of the Dream or more a nightmare.

After a week of meetings I have kids baseball, kids soccer, kids to movies, kids hanging out, and the best part of all, taking my two young boys turkey hunting. My oldest son who is 11 has already shot one of his two turkeys this season and we have one more to go. After I get him a bird I have to get a few other buddies young sons on birds. We should all be taking others kids out that don’t have time, so we can pass on our tradition of hunting as we are slowly losing kids to other things.

I will head to Idaho for a few days and get some bear baits set up so I can try to get back the end of May and most of June to do some bear hunting. Cant go to Idaho this time of year with out shooting 1000 or so whistle pigs (prairie dogs, and ground squirrels).

Back to Washington to finish up the turkey season and try to even harvest a bird myself in my home state, but not until my family and friends have their tags filled first.

Lots of hunting and Kids activities, and that about sums up May.

I am Livin the Dream!

Man – I am so envious every month when I talk to Sparky. I can’t do what he does but it sure is fun to catch up with him every now and then!