I’d like to thank author Stephen B Smart and his publicist for reaching out to me and asking me to review this book.


On average, it seems I get about 2 or 3 contacts a week from publishers, asking me to review various books. The vast majority of these requests I decline, primarily because of time constraints. It’s hard to free up time to just sit and read! That being said, I’m glad I agreed to review this book.

When I was younger I was a voracious reader – I read everything! I liked westerns too, of course reading Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey. I thought it might be fun to veer off of the hunting theme of my site, and do a review on this book.

This book is set in Wyoming and in an interesting time-period for a western, the late 1930’s. It’s cool to read a book as rustic and rugged as a “typical” western, but where the characters hop in a pickup truck, or stumble across a plane wreck.

I loved the TV series “Lost”. Especially in the first season, there was always this creepy undertone, regardless of what was going on. Same with “Whispers of the Greybull” – there is always this spooky ambiance, like something is about to happen. You don’t want to stop reading, you want to keep going. This book has heroes and villains, a man-eating grizzly, hidden treasure, architectural puzzles, a lost mine and even some good ol cowboy fisticuffs. For the sensitive amongst you, there’s also a love story buried in there as well.

This book is well-written in the vernacular of the period. You easily fall into the flow of the story and identify with the main characters. There is just the right amount of description and action and detail to supplement the storyline, and not take over the tale. Honestly, as I later told the author, I was a bit disappointed when I had finished. If you like Tony Hillerman books, this book had the same kind of feel, for me.

I would absolutely recommend this book, especially if you like westerns and/or mysteries. A great read, all of the way around! You can purchase the book through the author’s website.

Look for an interview in the future, with author Stephen Smart.