You may have seen my post describing some bizarre issues I was having with my new Mossberg 4×4 in .270 WSM The gist of it was this: I bought the rifle in October of 2010, put a scope on it, and stowed it in my gun safe. Suffering a tag-drawing drought, it didn’t come out again (other than to check on it) until about 3 weeks ago. I had a horrific day at the range with a tight bolt, sideways bullets and accuracy virtually nonexistent.

Knowing the gun was over a year old and out of warranty, I sent a preemptive contact to Linda Powell, Director of Media Relations for Mossberg and Pete Angle, Mossberg’s Director of Marketing. My communication wasn’t meant to threaten, cajole or complain; rather I wanted to give them a heads-up about the situation and let them know I would be posting my experience with the rifle. As it turned out, they were both on vacation at the time. I called the Mossberg Customer Service Line and got the (reasonable) reply I expected – that the rifle was out of warranty. I could send it back and they would repair; I’d need to pay for parts but not labor.

Fast forward a couple of days and Linda replied to my earlier e-mail. She was very sympathetic to my problem. She gave me directions to send it back to Mossberg at their expense; and they would fix the rifle.

I heard from Javier Contreras just a few days after they received my rifle – it was fixed and ready to come home. I asked Linda about upgrading the stock and Javier wanted to check on that. It turns out there was some damage to the rifling and a small dent in the chamber. Javier hadn’t determined how it occurred, but changing the barrel out fixed all of the problems with the rifle.When I had contacted Linda about the rifle, I asked about upgrading the plastic stock to a wood one, and said I would be happy to pay for that. The rifle had me really spooked and I worried the plastic stock would warp in the Arizona heat and mess up the free-floated barrel. Javier patiently answered all of my questions. By the time I decided it wasn’t necessary to upgrade the stock, Javier already had it installed. He suggested I keep it at no charge. If I didn’t like it I could return it and he’d send the plastic one to me.

A couple of days later, the rifle was in my hands with an awesome-looking laminated stock, and a proof-target shot at 50 yards, demonstrating a very nice group.

I really, really want to thank Linda and Javier for getting the rifle fixed. They have been professional, understanding and courteous throughout. I really feel like they were sympathetic and wanted to make sure I had a good experience with Mossberg and that they wanted me to have a quality rifle in my hands when I headed afield this fall. This was indeed an unusual situation – the rifle was out of warranty, but it had never been fired.

I haven’t made it to the range yet with the repaired rifle, but will be sure and post my results when I do. To learn more about 4×4 Rifles, go ahead and visit the Mossberg site here: Mossberg 4×4 Info