A lot of you have been following my issues with a new rifle. As I posted before, Mossberg made good and sent the rifle back in great working order and upgraded with a new stock. I’m anxiously getting to know this rifle as I need to work up the ideal load and be comfortable behind the trigger for my upcoming antelope hunt in September.

Good friend Greg McBride has taken me under his wing and is acting as shooting coach, adviser and reloading guru. Longtime friend Terry Herndon is the guy in charge of helping to break my Arizona curse at a top secret spot in Unit 21, the first week of September.

Anyway, Greg and I were set up at a safe spot out in the desert by 5:30 AM or so, this past Sunday morning. He had worked up some loads using 130 and 140 Grain Sciroccos, A-Frames and Nosler Partitions. Round one downrange at 50 yards was just on the edge of the bull at about 4 o’clock. To our dismay, round 2 wouldn’t chamber! Instead, it jammed in the breech. With a sense of dread, and no cleaning rod with us we paced the desert looking for something to safely get the round out. Luckily I found a thin iron rod. We straightened it, wrapped it in tape and used it to tap the errant round out of the chamber. Not sure what was going on, but after about 2 or 3 more rounds that seemed to load stiffly, the bolt was functioning just fine.

I still have work to do, but now we’re on the right track. For you reloaders, sweet load of the day was 130 grain Sciroccos on top of 66 grains of RL-22.

Hard to imagine that a month ago, my bullets were printing sideways at 30 yards! I’ll keep you posted!