As you might know, I try to check in with friend Sparky from M2D Camo every month, just to see what he is up to. Seems he’s always got something cool going on. Here is his check-in for July:


Life is crazy busy and it is not even hunting season. But lots of fishing to do. I started the month of fishing for walleye, and did well catching about 20 and keeping 10 between me and my partner.

I spent the 4th of July with friends and family thankful for our freedoms. Thanks to the troops past and present for all they do for us!

I spent the last weekend in WA scouting elk for a special permit I drew, and not only did I find over 200 elk, I saw my first Albino elk and was able to even get some pics of it.

I am taking my boys and a friends son to my 20,000 acres in Idaho and we are going to shoot squirrels by the 100s, ride motorcycles, fish for trout, set up trail cameras, and scout elk for a week.

Coming back from Idaho I will be setting up more trail cameras and locations to hunt deer in WA. Lots of work scouting different properties, and looking for the right buck to chase this fall. Scouting is key to success for early season bucks.

I will spend a few days fishing for walleye, in preparation for the final walleye tournament of the year. 10,000 top prize. Who couldnt use that? Tournament is the last weekend of July so I hope to get 2-3 more days of pre fishing in. A guys work never ends.

I do get to go to a Fire Department softball tournament in Central Washington towards the end of the month, and play ball in 100 degree weather. Good thing the beer is cold!

That pretty much takes care of July, and archery elk and deer season is only 50 days away!!! Get ready, season is fast approaching!


Later, Sparky sent me some cool elk pics he had just taken, including an albino!