Although scent isn’t the biggest concern when hunting antelope, it still never hurts to do what you can to control odors. Final Step Cover Scents are a natural, effective and proven way to eliminate scent while hunting. Final Step has developed four cover scents that are perfect for western and southwestern big game hunting.

In September I’ll be on an Arizona Unit 21 rifle antelope hunt and will be well-doused up with juniper or possibly sage cover scent.

From their website:

Juniper – Field testing results have shown that Juniper natural cover scent is the most effective when used in the following states; Idaho, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado.

Final Step™ cover scents are also great for trapping, predator calling, photographing or filming wildlife, and for anyone wanting to observe wildlife up close. Always practice a good scent-free program and top it off with the Final Step™ cover scent blend of your choice. We are confident that you have never used a cover scent that works as well as Final Step™.


Lightly mist each layer of clothing as you dress. Thoroughly spray outside layer of hunting clothes (coats, pants, boots, gloves, hats) in the field, plus any gear such as blinds, bows, decoys, etc. Spray boot soles before walking to your stand, blind or making your final stalk. Continue to re-apply as needed throughout the hunt. Final Step™ cover scents are designed to blend in with nature “LIKE YOU WERE NEVER THERE!™” Made from Mother Nature herself and field-proven time and time again that it will not alarm your prey.

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