Haven’t posted in awhile but am gearing up a whole bunch of content!

Lots of people know I am a big fan of M2D Camo. Sparky puts out a great line of products that are well-made, well-thought out and practical.

Sometimes when I am wearing M2D here in my home range in the Sonoran desert, I get chuckles and barbs about my “duck” camo, my “waterfowl” gear, etc. That’s OK. We all know animals see differently than we do and that often a “cool-looking” camo pattern really isn’t that effective on the critters.

Anyway, I was looking through my photo folders for some pics and one jumped out at me. It was a self-photo taken in January last year during my annual “carry a bow around along with a javelina tag but don’t see anything” trip.

I have a “popular” brand of camo on top, and my very rugged M2D pants on bottom. These pants are well-built and have slots for knee pads and some great pockets. The pants blend in much better than the shirt on top does!