As an Arizona Shooting Staff member for Vortex Optics I am often asked for recommendations on where to buy Vortex gear. That’s easy. If you know what you want and don’t need to get to a retail outlet to put Vortex up side by side with other manufacturers, then I send everyone to friend Sparky Sparkes of M2D Camo.

Sparky from M2D Camo

Sparky has told me he’ll beat anybody’s advertised price on Vortex optics by 10%. I’ve sent several people his way and he hasn’t disappointed yet. He’s an awesome guy and a great dealer for Vortex. He makes damned good camo too! I used to get comments about “duck camo” but time and time again M2D proves its effectiveness, even here in the desert!

So if you’re looking for great optics at a competitive price, I always suggest Vortex. Their Warranty is the best in the business. Once you’ve figured out what you want, sure – go ahead and shop around. Then call Sparky! You can contact me through here to reach Sparky, or through his M2D website, or even contact him through Facebook