I heard from my old friend Steve Glass a couple of weeks ago. Steve runs Trophy Bag Kooler. Steve makes insulated game bags and other products that are ideal for cooling, aging and transporting your game meat.

He makes containers and bags in a variety of configurations, he makes a spray which is an antimicrobial spray, that when applied to dressed and cleaned meat, helps disinfect and control the growth of bacteria and microorganisms on wild game or raw meat.

He also makes a product that when added to water and frozen, makes your ice last a lot longer. I use it in 2L soda bottles and it works awesome. The gel used to come in little “single serve” packets but it has become so popular that Steve is now selling it in bulk packages.

KoolerGel® is an innovative new product that replaces using conventional ice in your ComboKooler™, food coolers, ice chests, soft-sided or hard sided coolers, bait tanks and live wells! It makes ice last longer saving you money.

Mix in any size plastic container with water, from 12 ounces to 5 gallons, and watch it turn into a gel, then freeze! It doesn’t turn back to water, it stays a gel. Plus, it’s re-useable many times, less waste and very economical; one pack makes enough KoolerGe® for at least six 2-liter bottles.

Many uses:
When frozen, it is colder than ice and lasts 30%-40% longer.
It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally safe.
Use in soft sided and hard sided coolers to keep your food and drinks icy cold.
Use for parties and picnics.
Use in bait tanks and live wells.
Helps to keep waste out of landfills by recycling soda bottles.
Extend the life of your ice and save money.