So, admittedly this is a first for me. I don’t wear flip flops. Never have. Well, at least the kind with the thong thingy that goes between your toes. I can’t stand that sucker wedged between my toes. That being said when I get a Press Kit stating they are the “most comfortable flip flops you’ll ever wear” (and they come in camo!) – how could I resist??

I really need to thank Lauren Holzman from Mint Publicity, along with the good folks at for sending me a pair to try out.

So, I received these shoes, and I really kind of ran them through the gauntlet. I had coworkers try them on. I had my teenage daughter walk around in them. They provide support in such a way that is hard to describe, even for a writer. They are firm, but squishy. They are supportive, but soft like pillows. I asked my daughter to describe them and she was stumped too – “It’s like they are crazy soft, but as soon as you put weight on them, they are firm”, she quipped. Maybe SoftScience said it best – “These new flip-flops are like standing on millions of microscopic pillows
which cushion every step, while providing the appropriate level of arch and
heel support to help reduce heel, knee and back pain.”

Granted, I had to schlep around the house in them for a week or so, in order to get used to that confounded thing stuck between my toes – but they felt amazing out of the box, and now are my go-to footwear around the house, and around the neighborhood. Once I was used to them, I walked the dog a couple of times in them to make sure they could stand a longer journey than the triangular route between the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen….

Excuse my pasty white, ugly feet but here’s the deal – I wasn’t going to hire a foot model or get a pedicure for my review. So there you have it!

These shoes are well made, and sturdy. They have a great, non-slip tread which would certainly be great on wet docks and boat decks. They have a raised, bumpy surface under your foot which keeps your sole cozy. I admit it, I’m sold. Not only am I wearing flip flops with that thing, but I enjoy wearing them. Not only do I enjoy wearing them, I recommend them! has a great variety of men’s and women’s shoes and are 100% guaranteed.

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More info from their Press Release:

Designed by lifelong sailors previously with Crocs®, Sperry® and Reebok®, the flip-flop will be available for boating enthusiasts to experience first at the Miami International Boat Show, February 11-15, 2016.

Slip-resistant and non-marking outsoles are key elements built into the Skiff Canvas, an innovative flip-flop that provides supreme all-day comfort. Constructed from proprietary Trileon™ technology, these new sandals are like standing on millions of microscopic pillows, cushioning every step.

“We believe the Skiff is the most comfortable, supportive flip-flop people will ever wear,” said John Duerden, SoftScience chairman and CEO. “We created a shoe that is lightweight and superbly cushioned – ideal for fellow boaters in and around the water.”

The Skiff Canvas features optimal arch and heel support to absorb the shock of a hull pounding the waves, engine vibration, a rocky coastline or the impact of a full day walking on a hard sidewalk. They have durable toe posts and straps for secure wear and are available in bold brights, soft neutrals and Mossy Oak Treestand®, all in natural canvas.