I’d like to really thank Glenn Walker from the Providence Marketing Group and also the folks at Wiebe Knives for sending me a Vixen Folding knife to try.

Per the Press Release:

The Vixen Joins the Wiebe Knives Lineup

Lennox, SD — Wiebe Knives®, the replaceable-blade knife category leader in durability and value, has added the Vixen to its extensive and diverse category hunting, field-dressing and skinning knives.

Every aspect of the Wiebe Vixen is designed under one simple premise: Don’t fight the knife. The Vixen features a folding, replaceable-blade design sporting a surgical-grade scalpel for a long-lasting and consistent edge to work with. And when the blade does become dull, simply dispose of the old blade and insert a new, wicked-sharp blade.

No more wasted time sharpening afield, and no more messy precision work due to a dull blade. Wiebe’s replacement blades are designed to withstand the toughest field work by the most serious hunters, as well as the lightest precision work done by the most detail-oriented fur skinners.

When open, the Vixen measures 7.5 inches and sports a featherweight, ergonomic handle for comfortable use on long jobs, and the folding design makes the Vixen the perfect take-anywhere companion. The knife comes with 24 wicked-sharp replacement blades.

MSRP for the Wiebe Vixen replaceable-blade folding knife is $34.95.

About Wiebe Knives

The entire collection of products from Wiebe Knives—including hunting knives, field-dressing knives, skinning knives and an extensive lineup of fur-handling tools—were developed, tested and proven by hard-use hunters and trappers. Wiebe’s mission is simple: to provide tools of exceptional quality at an unbeatable value.

The knife comes with extra blades right out of the gate so that’s a good thing. The first thing I noticed is that although the knife is light, the handle is thicker than many of competitor’s knives handles and it is contoured with finger grooves. This handle is well-designed to be easy to hold when covered in blood, wet, cold, etc. The knife feels great in the hand.

The blade changes easily. With some replaceable-blade knives, this is a challenge. Not so with the Vixen. Blade changes are pretty easy once you get the hang of it. Some replaceable blades seem to be brittle and snap at the first bit of twisting. I pushed and twisted on these a fair amount with no blades snapped.

Finally, this knife just plain looks good. The wood handle is attractive, and the whole knife is well-designed. I couldn’t wait to get it into the field.

Typically when I do a review I like to really give it a good going over on my bench or at the table, then I like to use it in the field. This time, I had something happen that hasn’t happened in over 2 decades of outdoor writing. I lost the product. I don’t know if someone moved it, I don’t know if someone took it. I can’t explain it. I came home from a scouting trip and I had 2 knives on my belt, including the Vixen. I took them both off and put them on the counter in the regular spot. A week later one knife was there, the other one wasn’t. I literally tore the house apart trying to find that knife, to no avail. I was heartsick. I did use the knife enough to know that I want one and I will be purchasing one soon from their online store. Replacement blades are about 6 bucks per dozen – a very reasonable price.

If you are in the market for a replaceable blade knife, I strongly suggest you look at the Vixen, or one of the other great models from Wiebe Knives. The price at 35 dollars is reasonable for such a well-designed, sturdy knife. Blades are scalpel-sharp as you would expect, and the knife handles very well. The thick, contoured handle will come in handy when your hands are cold or covered in blood. Well done, Wiebe!

I’ll have another Vixen with me when I head out to chase Javelina in February. I’ll be sure to post a follow-up report, from the field!