I’d really like to thank Mike Slinkard, the President of HECS Stealthscreen for taking the time to answer a bunch of my questions about HECS! ~DesertRat

1. I was pleased to see real scientific research backing up your product. Is one of your biggest challenges overcoming hunters who have been burned on fads, gadgets and “snake oil”?

In the beginning that was a huge problem. We had a solution to a problem most hunters never recognized they had. While all hunters have seen the effects of animals pickling up on their emitted EM fields not many realized what they were seeing. Like any truly new innovation we were seen by many as the next great gimmick back when we launched HECS. Fortunately we found a few thousand open minded hunters who gave HECS a try and saw the difference right away. It took a couple of years but now HECS is accepted as a valuable tool to help keep people more concealed from most types of animals. To this day we almost never have a customer who used HECS as directed who has given a negative report. In 2016 we sold well over 30,000 suits and had a total of 2 negative reports from customers in the field. Our ace in the hole has always been that the technology truly works and that knowledge was what kept us going in those early days.

2. What was the biggest challenge developing this product and getting it to market?

Once we asked ourselves the question of why animals act the way they do when they get in close even when all conditions are right, and further developed the (then) theory of electromagnetic fields being involved, the greatest challenge was determining the correct grid size and conductivity necessary to attenuate those specific wavelengths of energy. Fortunately we had meters that could measure the fields emitted by humans and some great experts to help us develop the original HECS technology that is the basis for our 5 issued US patents. Once we were able to effectively attenuate these fields we were then able to prove the concept and the rest as they say is history.

3. Will this technology continue to evolve or is it cut and dried?

HECS technology is constantly evolving as we learn more and more about how it effects the users in different environments and for different purposes. For instance once we developed HECS for land based use it became apparent that the technology would also be useful under water. The challenge was that our grid had to be more conductive than the medium around it to be effective. To overcome this we had to change the grid size and up the conductivity of the grid significantly but we were eventually able to get the same effect under water as we had seen topside. More recently we have begun providing HECS technology to US special forces and police departments who need added concealment when in harm’s way. We have begun development of specific fits and features on our tactical products to work best in these situations. There is just so many different purposes for HECS technology that I doubt we will reach them all anytime soon.

4. How will you diversify from here? Different patterns? Different products? Different markets?

We have already begun bringing HECS technology into several different markets. HECS hunting (HECS LLC) and HECS Aquatic LLC are both going strong and bringing the HECS advantage to hunters and divers all over the world. Recently we launched HECS Tactical LLC in response to demand from military operators who had tested and approved HECS technology as an advantage in that realm. We chose AARDVARK Tactical of Laverne California to be the exclusive distributor of HECS technology to military and police units across the country. Coming soon will be HECS wildlife LLC which we are very excited about. HECS wildlife will be headed up by well-known wildlife biologist Forrest Galante who is a well-respected scientist and also a familiar face on Animal planet, Nat Geo wild and discovery channel. HECS wildlife will be focused on anyone who wants to have closer, safer and more enjoyable interaction with wildlife. We think this may well be the biggest division of HECS over time. With every division we are striving to bring the best quality products with features that our customers will appreciate on top of the advantage HECS technology affords.

5. Your basic setup includes pants, shirt and headwear. Is effectiveness proportional to how completely you suit up in the HECS gear?

Yes the more you cover the more effective HECS is. This is especially true with birds like turkeys and waterfowl. Birds are proven to see electrical fields visually and as such it is these fields that birds can use to tell a living being (and movement from living beings) from inanimate objects and motions. With birds it is essential that everything is covered in HECS for good results. With animal species the smaller muscle regions like the hands and feet are somewhat less critical than with birds but still the more you cover the better the result. The thing to remember with animals is that with the exception of the heart (which produces large amounts of electrical energy proportionate to is size) the intensity if the field is directly proportionate to the size of the muscle being flexed. So shirt and pants are most important followed by head and neck and those smaller muscles like hands and feet being somewhat less critical (but still highly recommended).

6. What are you most proud of, regarding your product/company?

I am most proud of our team here at HECS. We have been blessed with a very capable and highly intelligent group of men and women who have faced the challenges of developing and introducing an innovative but relatively unknown product/concept to market in the face of initial skepticism. Our team has not only taken on these challenges with fervor and optimism , but has succeeded beyond my greatest expectations. We all knew we had something significant and a technology that could really help people to have better, safer, and more enjoyable interactions with animals birds and fish but it took a very special group of professionals to bring it to fruition.

7. If You had an opportunity to talk with my readers who had never heard of your product, what would you want them to know?

We realize many hunters have yet to be introduced to HECS technology and many are not aware the true effects that the EM energy output of our bodies can have in their success in the woods. I would urge them to go to our website at www.hecsllc.com and watch the videos and learn more about the difference HECS can make in their own adventures. In a nutshell HECS simply makes you appear more like an inanimate object and helps you get closer and stay close longer than ever before.

8. You’re a hunter – whats the dream hunt on your bucket list?

I have been extremely blessed to have been able to bowhunt all over the world and have taken some awesome trophies. I have hunted in the majority of US states as well as New Zealand, Africa 3 times Canada and Mexico. I guess the one big dram animals I haven’t yet hunted would be the big brown bears of Alaska. There is just something about those giants and the danger involved with bowhunting them that has always intrigued me. Someday I will scratch that one off the list.

I’d really like to thank Mike again for taking time out to answer a few questions. What a cool product! You can watch some videos about the technology, and some real encounters in the field here: HECS Videos.