Never Be Without Lights or a Charged Mobile Phone During a Power Outage

The Invention Shop of S2 Equipment, LLC announces the HANS™ PowerPack and HANS™ Solar BriefCase, ready to charge devices and provide light during a power outage, an impromptu weekend off-the-grid trip, or even a tailgate party. Available in two sizes, the HANS™ PowerPack 150 and the higher-capacity HANS™ PowerPack 300, both versions are rugged, easy to carry, noiseless, and can be recharged whether there is access to electricity or not. To accompany the HANS™ PowerPacks, the HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 is a 60-watt portable solar charging system that provides rapid recharging.

“All HANS™ products are made to be dependable when our customers need it most,” said Todd Breneiser, Operations Executive. “They’re designed to be easy to use while giving you maximum functionality, so you never have to spend another night without power and in the dark.”

Ideal for unexpected power outages and emergency situations, the HANS™ PowerPack 150 is also a great companion for camping, tailgating, and other activities that require long-lasting portable power. It comes with built-in LED lights (both flood and spot lights), an integral USB port, plus a 12-volt dual port USB expander, providing three USB ports in total for charging mobile devices and powering small electronics such as tablets and fans. All HANS™ PowerPacks use Lithium-Ion batteries, and this high energy density means a low, 7-pound weight that suits the mobile lifestyle, a long shelf life with no maintenance, and 1000+ recharge cycles to keep the power running for years to come. When no power is available, the HANS™ PowerPack 150 can be recharged with its own built-in solar panel. When the power comes back on, it can be charged on any wall outlet. The HANS™ PowerPack 150 will let you charge your cell phone and give you five hours of light every day for two weeks.

For those who demand a higher-capacity of power, the HANS™ PowerPack 300 is ideal for unexpected power outages, emergency situations, and other extended off-grid experiences that require long-lasting portable power. It shines up to 5 Watts (three floodlights, one spotlight), charges mobile devices, powers small and medium sized electronics, and recharges with the power of the sun and the built-in 4.5-watt solar panel. The HANS™ PowerPack 300 is a personal, portable power plant that will let you charge your phone and give you five hours of light every day for a month.

The HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 is a 60-watt portable solar charging system for rapid recharging of the HANS™ PowerPacks. The HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 has built-in legs to help position it for optimal angles to the sun and to minimize charge time. It will charge a HANS™ PowerPack 150 in 3.5-5 hours and a HANS™ PowerPack 300 in 7-10 hours. The legs of the HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 do double-duty as tie-down anchors to secure the Solar BriefCase 60 on windy days.

HANS™ products are designed and engineered to be the most durable of their type available, and they’re backed up with a 12-year warranty. To top it off, HANS™ PowerPacks are covered with marine grade rubber on the high-contact surface areas to keep the ports, lights and solar panels protected in any orientation it may be placed.

“The housing, kickstand, buttons, and handle are all made from the same family of polycarbonate used in bullet resistant glass,” said Breneiser. “Our packs are really tough and durable.”

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About the HANS™ Brand

Designed and assembled in the USA, the HANS™ family of products are created to provide pollution-free and expense-free electricity generation. The Invention Shop of S2 Equipment, LLC, in Farmington Hills, Michigan is the developer of HANS™ products and is focused on providing reliable energy and clean water. The HANS™ team supports the Billions in Change movement in their quest to bring useful inventions to the unlucky half of the world in order to improve quality of life for billions of people.
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