I used to check in with Sparky Sparkes from M2D Camo every couple of years or so, and then it struck me one day that it has been 6 years since I last talked with Sparky. Holy Cow!I was wayy overdue so I reached out to him and as usual, he was game! As always, I really appreciate him taking time from his busy schedule to andser some questions. ~DesertRat

1. Wow – its been awhile since I checked in! How’s the camo business? Anything new or exciting on the camo front?
Camo business has been on the outs since Idaho Fish and Game fabricated false accusations against me in 2013 and ruined my business. I still have some inventory but do not do much with it anymore. Long story and hopefully someday I can ask you to help me make it public.

2. Your camo has been around awhile. What’s the key to your longevity and surviving such a competitive business?
M2D CAMO has stuck around because it just works. It really is a great pattern for any type of hunting. Its hard to argue with a product that works.

3. You’re booking a lot of hunts via M2D Properties. Tell my readers what you have going on
M2D CAMO Properties is very successful because we cater to high opportunities at success and not just run numbers through our ranches. Lots of operations are all about running as many people as they can. We are about running the right amount of hunters to keep our success rates high. Our guided rifle elk hunts are 100% shot opportunity on cows and bulls. Our guided deer hunts are also 100% shot opportunity at good bucks. We have great properties and that is the key. Private land and proper management is a huge part of our success.

4. Ive sent some folks to you for some great deals on Vortex Optics. What other products are you carrying?
I appreciate you sending me customers on hunting products. I know you send people to me because you trust my integrity and we strive to take care of our customers. Life is about connections and treating people properly. We are all about taking care of our people. We love Vortex products because they too provide great customer service and take care of all our needs. We have also over the last few years become a dealer for many products. We now deal with Sig, Zeiss, Manfrotto, GSM, Stealth Cam, Covert Cameras, Gibbz Arms, Double Tapp Ammo and many more. I am working on a new site called Jokers Wild Outdoors that should be up and running in due time. I hope by May 1.

5. Youre a firefighter, right? (Thanks for your service!) You still fighting fires, or are you in the M2D business full time now?
I retired from the Fire Department after 20 years of service and now only do M2D CAMO Properties, M2Ds Livin the Dream TV Show now. I also do the dealing of hunting products and also recently started Sportsman’s Dream Adventures which is a free guide referral business. Even if people do not book with me I want to make sure they book the proper outfitter who has been vetted and I know personally is a great outfit. Its unfortunate in our society today that people still get misled on guided hunts and make bad mistakes when booking.

6. What’s your favorite hunt?
My favorite hunt is taking someone after a species they have never hunted before. To watch a person who has saved a few years pay to go after a bull elk and harvest a nice 6 x 6 is amazing to see. Sometimes its as simple as a turkey hunt or a whitetail buck, but anytime I can take new hunters in the field its a blessing. If you want to know what I love to pursue personally, I just love being out there. The experience, the lessons, the learning, the smells, the wonder of nature is all so impressive if you ever really stop and just take it all in. I love to chase big mule deer bucks and my nemesis is cougar hunting. I have hunted cougars 7 times in 5 states for over 40 days with dogs and still have not harvested a nice big mature tom. Someday I will have the fortune of posing with a big cat.

7. What hunt is highest on your bucket list?
My bucket list hunt is a tough question. I have been fortunate to harvest many different species over my years in the hunting industry and I am thankful for all of them. If money were no object I would someday like to harvest a Grizzly Bear and or Desert Bighorn Sheep. I apply in many states for sheep but have never been lucky enough to draw. Maybe someday. For now I will enjoy all life has afforded me and continue to spend my 300 plus days a year in the field doing the things I love.