Desert Rat note: I’m really proud to be a part of this team. Please check out Riton Optics online!

June 25, 2018
Tucson, Arizona
For Immediate Release

Veteran- Owned Riton Optics announces the following members to the first official Pro Staff for the 2018-2019 sales year.

1. Tom Claycomb

Noted outdoor writer Tom Claycomb is familiar to many in and out of the outdoor and shooting industry. One of the most prolific writers around, Tom also conducts dozens of live seminars every year at various outdoor retailers, regional and national shows.

2. Ruby Korenoski

Relatively unknown outside of her home region, this young firebrand has already made a name for herself with her own website and youtube page. She is headquartered in the beautiful Laurel Mountains near Johnstown, Pennsylvania in a rural area.
Ruby has been going hunting, fishing, camping and doing all sorts of outdoor sports since she was in First Grade and has already been recognized for her video skills and presence. You can see her at

3.Clifton Porter

Clifton is an avid shooter and firearms enthusiast that operates Porter Precision out of Winchester, VA.

4. Jon Boersma

Jon is a video and social media content creator that enjoys shooting on a regular basis, hunting, hiking, and just about anything outdoors. Jon also enjoys building his own guns and consistently upgrading their form and function.

5. Marshall MacFarlane

Marshall MacFarlane is an avid outdoorsman that was born and raised in eastern Canada, though he’s been in Arizona for over 20 years, with a stop in northern Maine in between.
Marshall is proud to represent Riton Optics in central Arizona and beyond
Marshall has been a freelance outdoor writer and editor for over 30 years, contributing to both print and online media. Marshall is a past member of the Western Outdoor Writers and the Professional Outdoor Media Association, has his own site – Desert Rat Outdoors and also contributes to several national sites. You can find Desert Rat Outdoors on Facebook, on Twitter, and even now and then on Instagram.

6. Tim “T.J.” Ramsey

T.J. is our new Riton Optics Pro Staff member in Columbia, Tennessee. By day he is a cyber security consultant but after hours, it’s all guns and shooting! After serving in the United States Army and making two combat deployments to Iraq, TJ continued his service as a defense contractor. After another 5 deployments, this time to Afghanistan supporting various Special Operations Units, it was time for him to come home for good. TJ claims his “genetic code had been re-written with grains of gunpowder” and has becvome an avid shooter and competitor in multiple disciplines.

7. Wade Sanders

Wade Sanders is a 40 year native resident of Arizona. He is currently employed by the Safford Police Department and has been in Law Enforcement for 18 years, starting his career as a Reserve Deputy with the Graham County Sheriff’s Office May of 1999, and then with Springerville, Az ever since as a full time Officer. Wade is also currently President of the South Eastern Arizona Sportsman Club, a non profit 501c3 organization ( The SEAZSC builds, rebuilds, and maintains water sources for the wildlife in Southeastern Arizona.

8. Davis Maddox

As a professional firefighter EMT, as well as a volunteer fireman, Davis’s schedule of rotating 24 hour shifts led me to look for a hobby on his fifteen to twenty days off each month. He found what has become his two true passions- building rifles and long range shooting. Davis has dedicated a lot of time and energy into building his skills, guns, and even his own private 800 yard range so he can hone his skills and test his builds as well as the optics he has on them. Davis was already a big fan of Riton’s Value. We are happy to have him as a member of the team.

Please join us in welcoming the new Pro Staff Team for Riton Optics.

As a USA home-grown optics company founded by Law Enforcement and Military veterans, Riton takes their commitments seriously. Their absolute passion for the outdoors and those who enjoy it translates into everything they do. From their unlimited lifetime warranty on every product they make, to their high quality control and their dedicated, supportive service staff, at Riton they put their customers first. Give them a call, send an email or find them on the range and they promise to always do and give their best to serve you.

You can find them on Facebook here: Riton Facebook Page