She’s freakin’ beautiful, she can outfish most of us, and she has a crazy entrepreneurial spirit. Once I discovered her online I knew she was someone I wanted to inteview. I figured my readers would love to learn more about Darcie – otherwise known as Darcizzle Offshore. I think what endears her to me though is her passion for getting women and kids involved in the outdoors and especially – fishing! If you start to follow her online you will soon figure out she is crazy busy – I really appreciate her taking some time to answer my questions. ~DesertRat

From Darcie’s website:

Darcie aka Darcizzle has been on the water since the age of 3 when she started tagging along with her father fishing and lobstering on an 18′ Gheenoe out of Miami, Florida; her hometown. She currently lives in Boynton Beach, FL and fishes weekly on a the 23′ SEADEK Proline out of Boynton Beach Inlet. Darcie is also a writer for Coastal Angler Magazine, Palm Beach County edition, with her own monthly fishing report & tips article. Darcizzle Offshore is proud to support a number of companies and organizations related to fishing, diving and the ocean in general by assisting and doing whatever is necessary to market and promote her sponsor’s and partner’s products and events. Sponsors include SALT LIFE OPTICS, SEADEK MARINE NONSKID, ACCURATE FISHING REELS, LUCKY TACKLE BOX, TOWBOATUS-PALM BEACHES, TSUNAMI RODS, BIMINI BAY OUTFITTERS, BALLYHOOD LURES, MUSTAD, AFTCO and YO-ZURI. Darcie & her team are also regulars on the local tournament fishing circuit.Follow on Instagram for additional photos; username “_darcizzle_” . Please check out Darcie on Youtube, Darcizzle Offshore, her channel is growing fast. Darcizzle never buys followers on FB, IG or Youtube, and enjoys a great relationship with all her real fans and followers.

1. You have an incredible online presence! Is it hard to keep all of that info fresh, on all of the different social media platforms?

Thank you! Yes, it is hard. Social media never sleeps so it’s a 24/7/365 job. While others are relaxing on Easter I’m thinking about what interesting relevant Easter content I can create and post. To us, what separates the successful SM people from the others is the “social” part. Anyone can post “media,” and that’s what most people do…simply post product pics, images, whatever; but if you are not engaging, commenting on other content, replying, and interacting with your audience, being SOCIAL, then you might as well just post your image in a newspaper or magazine. You can’t possibly engage with your fans enough so that is something that can take up every single minute of the day.

2. How do you describe yourself? Fisherlady? Photographer? Video celebrity? Model? Heck – you’re into everything!

Great question, and I’m not really sure myself. Typically professional female angler or full-time Youtuber is what I go with. Maybe Vlogger? Living in a digital world I don’t think there is one label, we have to do it all. Fishing, host, photography, video, production, audio, editing, copyright, salesman and more.

3. How long has it taken you to get where you are today?

We have been doing this about seven years now. Full time as our job for a little over three.

4. How did it all start?

Well my love of fishing and the outdoors started as a small child when my Dad would take us fishing and boating. I’m 3rd Generation Miamian so it was always part of my lifestyle. About seven years ago I started posting my fishing pics on Instagram and I was about the first girl doing so. Then it grew to Facebook, then Youtube, now all over.

5. It all looks amazing but surely it can’t all be fun – what’s a part of your public life that’s NOT fun, that may surprise my readers?

It’s really just a lot of work and the inability to plan due to the niche. Most all other youtubers/creators can come up with an idea, then a plan, then execute it, under near-ideal circumstances. My plan looks like “we are going mahi fishing tomorrow, spend hours getting ready, hope the weather is okay, hope we catch a mahi, oops we didn’t catch any mahi, but we did catch a kingfish, now what do we do, oh let’s do this now.” That’s all on a boat, on saltwater that destroys the equipment, never in good light, it’s windy so the audio is terrible, and all while trying to actually catch a fish.

6. Your favorite thing to fish?

I honestly don’t care. Every season brings a new target. Maybe mutton snapper.

7. What’s on your bucket list? What haven’t you fished for yet, that you want to?

I don’t really think of it like that, I think in terms of places I’d like to go to fish, Guatemala, eastern Bahamas, San Sal, Australia, even Bluefin in the NE.

8. What else do you want my readers to know about? Upcoming projects, cool causes, whatever…

Our mission statement is “Fish.Dream.Inspire” and we like to encourage people to follow their dreams and live their lives, either through fishing, boating, or whatever it is. We support women and kids online whenever we can and typically direct our charitable efforts towards veterans groups. Our next “project” is spending a month in the Florida Keys!

Check out Darcizzle’s awesome videos: VIDEOS

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Visit her on Facebook: Darcizzle Offshore Facebook Page

I’d really like to thank Darcie for taking the time to chat and I hope you enjoyed learning about her as much as I did. I’m hoping that she and I can collaborate some more in the future! ~DesertRat