I really want to thank 14 year old Ruby Korenoski for taking time to answer some questions for my readers. This young lady is the face of the outdoor world’s fastest-growing demographic – young women who shoot, fish and hunt. She is already an accomplished writer, video personality and marketer. Her work with Riton Optics already puts mine to shame. With the confidence of an industry veteran she’ll stride into a store and engage the staff on optics and the outdoors. She’s awesome! ~DesertRat

1. So how did you end up becoming a member of Riton’s Prostaff?

I always wanted a job in the Outdoor Field. My Grandpa was a newspaper and magazine writer for Outdoor Publications. He wrote stories for PA Sportsman, American Hunter, Bowhunter and others. My Mom, Aunt Jenny and my Grandma,( we call her Baba, she’s a Slovak) were always in photos and in newspapers, books, and on Magazine Covers.

In his den he has lots of Magazine Covers and articles framed that he did. I think that is really neat. So, I sent my résumé’s to outdoor companies when I was just 11 years old. Most said, “See us when you are 21.” I was sad about that because I was serious. My Mom and Dad said I shouldn’t be discouraged; you are not old enough to get a job.

Then I wrote to Riton Optics when I was 12 years old for a Pro Staff position. Ace Luciano, from Riton Optics, called me on the phone. He said, “Ruby, we like your information”. Now, we want you to do a Video Application for us. He said the deadline was in 3 days, so the next day after school, my Pups and I started video production.

It was raining, but we had to do it. I made a Fake Riton scope out of plastic pipe and taped it to my muzzleloader. It was a lot of fun to produce and I called it, “Ruby’s Riton Review”. Ace called me three days later and told me I was one of the first people picked for the New Riton Pro Staff positions. They all really liked my Riton Video. I was so happy.

2. Obviously you like to hunt – how did you get into hunting?

My Mom and my Aunt Jenny used to hunt with my grandpa when they were in High school and in College. They shot lots of pheasants with their Brittany spaniel named Spirit.
So I was really thrilled to go hunting like my Mom and Aunt Jenny used to do.

When I was a little girl my grandpa started training me for hunting season by teaching me all about shooting rifles. He was always talking about gun safety, even when I was just playing with my toy guns.

Then I started to learn how to shoot with a few of his small bb guns both the spring- air , pump-up and the CO-2 type guns. Then he bought me a real 22 LR Rifle, a Cricket. It’s really small, but it fit me perfect back then, when I was 7 years old. Then I wanted to shoot a Buck or a Turkey and I went into the woods with my Pups all the time. He bought me a special “Youth Licence” in Pennsylvania and I started hunting with him when I was 8 years old. I loved being in the woods with him, in my treestand or hiking around for Spring Gobblers.

3. Do you like to fish also? What is your favorite thing to fish?

I love to fish for any kind of fish! I grew up on our Pontoon boat at Raystown Lake here in PA. My Dad took me for Sunfish when I was about 4 years old. I’ve caught Bluegills, Crappie, Rainbow, Brook and Brown Trout and lots of Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass.
I think I like Bass Fishing the best! My most exciting adventures were for Big Bass in the Niagara River and in the Florida Everglades. See my video stories.

Niagara Adventure

Everglades Bass Adventure

4. Do you shoot competitively?

I love to shoot my Rifles go Bow hunting and I have been shooting Rifles, shotguns, pistols and my cross bow for 7 years. So, no one in my family was surprised when I told my Mom and Dad that I wanted to try-out for the Rifle Team at my school last Fall. I’ve been interested in shooting for my High School’s Rifle Team since I was in 7th Grade. We are called the Conemaugh Indians Rifle Team. But I had to wait till 9th. Grade to be in the try-outs. I signed up for the first team meeting and attended the 3 night NRA Training course. Then I was surprised to lean that this competition is for Open Sights only. I use scopes on all my hunting rifles, so this peep sight deal was new to me.

The class was pretty intense and a bunch of new kids were hoping to make the Team. Our school also has a few students from other Area High Schools that can participate on our team, too. We had about 25 students trying out to make the Squad. I made it through the course and I scored high enough on the Qualifying Round to make the Ten Person Varsity team. The Coaches said they rarely get a 14-year-old Freshman that can make the Varsity Team. This surprised me and a few of the coaches because I’ve never shot a Heavy Target rifle like these 22. cal Anschutz rifles. I was just hoping to make the J-V squad.

Being on the team was a big deal for me, I got so nervous when we had a match against another school. I was shooting against kids that had been in these competitions for 3 years. I didn’t want to shoot poorly and let my team down. During several matches I scored in the Top Five shooters on our team, and that really was a great accomplishment for me.

Our team won the District, West Pac Title and then we then went on to shoot at the Pennsylvania State meet. The State Competition has a rule that only the Top Five shooters make up the team, but one has to be an alternate. I was the alternate at this match and didn’t get to shoot, but it was great to see how these competitions are conducted. We came in Second Place.
Our Conemaugh Indians Team won 12 matches and only lost 2 all season.

5. Tell me a bit about Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous. How did you get the idea? How is it doing?

My video production all started when I was in 4th. Grade and I was just 9 years old. My teacher, Mrs. Vigna, gave us an assignment to do a, Show & Tell & How To, Presentation in class. The other kids, picked baking cookies, or cakes, making stuff out of clay and folding paper airplanes. I wanted to do something different., like how I shoot my Bow and Arrows or how to cast my fly rod. But, my Mom said that wouldn’t be possible in school.

I really like to go Trout Fishing with my Mom and Dad and my Grandpa, so I thought I’d show how the class how to tie fishing flies. I’ve been watching my grandpa do that since I was little and I started tying my own when I was 6 or 7 years old. So, I came up with my own design that was easy for me to tie. I called it the “Black Flash Streamer”. We were supposed to bring in items and do a presentation in school, but, I needed hooks, scissors, glue, and knives. So, I was allowed to do a video presentation. I got all my materials together and we video taped every step of the way. My teacher really liked my presentation and my video. But, some people thought my grandpa tied all the flies, but really, I know what I’m doing. I’ve caught some nice largemouth bass with this streamer.

Then I wanted to do a website to show other kids my age about the Outdoors and why I like it so much.
I picked the name, “Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous” and we worked on a special logo for my website.
So, go to www.rorusa.com and look at my main page “Welcome” video. Yes, that’s me at 9 years old doing the “Welcome”. Then go to the “What’s New” button for the most recent posts and other video links. You can scroll down for other videos. Or you can go to the “Videos” button on the tool bar to see, Crossbow Bucks, Savage Lady Hunter Review, , Ohio Buck Hunts, Big Bubba TreeStand Review, My Bear Den Story, Vayda’s Crossbow Buck, and other Riton Adventures.

You can even take my Hunter On-Line Test. Watch our Deer Hunting Seminar and then answer the questions and get a ROR Diploma.

Here is my first ever video!

6. How do you get ideas for new content?

I guess every day we have something to do in the Great Outdoors, so it’s easy to find a new topic, I just got my Mule Deer and Antelope tags for Wyoming a few days ago, so, all the planning, shooting and hiking for that adventure will all become future stories, too.

7. So what are some things on your bucket list?

I want to go to Alaska, a guide there has contacted us and has offered me and my Mom and Dad a hunt for Black Bear. I really hope that will happen. Then, I’d love to hunt for a big Bull Elk out West somewhere, like Montana or Colorado. My really big plan is to then go to Africa some day for a big bull Kudu and any other antelope I can hunt for..

8. What do you like about Riton’s products?

The Riton Scopes are so sharp and clear and I like that they have such long eye relief. With some of my rifles the stocks are a bit too long for me, but I can see good from further back with my Riton Scopes when aiming. My Pups won’t cut all my rifle stocks shorter till I’m 16 or 17. He hates to cut the walnut stock with the nice wood grain. I also like to shoot at 200 and 350 yards and it’s easy to do with my 3 Riton scopes. And, the Binoculars are great, too. Check out my Riton binocular review.

9. Do you do videos also?

Yes, I’ve been doing lots of videos for my “Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous” website for over 4 years. I am on the Technology Student Association (TSA) at Conemaugh Township Middle School. TSA is a nation wide organization with 230,000 students and about 2,000 teachers participating. My friends and I have worked on several video projects for this Student Competition. At the Regional Level, we won a First Place for the Digital Video Challenge. Then we moved on to the State Level competition. The event was held at Seven Springs Ski Resort and it was the 40th anniversary for the organization. My friends, Hannah ,Tori , Hunter and I had a great time during the 4 day competition.

We won a Third place at Seven Springs for a 4 min Community Service video. We had to write a script, plan out all our scenes, get the actors, shoot it all and edit it by a deadline. We had a lot of fun and it was good to win any award with this high-level of competition. Our Teacher, Mr. Plummer, helped us to develop a good work ethic, made us accept responsibility and helped us establish goals and develop critical thinking skills. All these events will help me do a better job when I do my Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous and my “Ruby’s Riton Reviews” video segments, too.

Check out my TSA Awards page

10. Where can my readers find you on the web?

See my Website “Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous” at, www.rorusa.com

My Facebook page is , Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous USA“Ruby’s Outdoor Rendezvous USA”

Also, when I post a Riton Video, I call them, “Ruby’s Riton Reviews”.

I really want to thank Ruby for taking time out to answer a whole bunch of questions. Honestly, I have interviewed a ton of folks over the past decade and this is probably the most complete set of responses I have received. So interesting, and so well done! I’m looking forward to following Ruby in the years to come! ~DesertRat