I love doing interviews, and I especially love interviewing young women hunters and anglers who serve as role models not just for women, but for all of us. If you enjoy this article, check out my interview with the beautiful outdoor woman Charr Cee from CC Tactics or the amazing Laura Francese. If so inclined you could even check out my virtual chats with up-and-comer Ruby Korenoksi or young fishing phenom Cricket Coates. Finally,particularly if you love offshore fishing, you really have to check out the social media sensation Darcizzle! I am very grateful to Amanda Lynn for taking the time to answer a few questions for my readers. ~DesertRat

1. You were raised in a hunting and fishing family in northern Ontario. Did you make a conscious decision to turn this into a career or did it just evolve?

I was raised in the remote town of Manitouwadge, Ontario, Canada and from as early back as I can remember we fished and hunted. I certainly did not make a conscious decision I actually always wanted to be an architect or something of creative nature, so it was just an evolution of my path in life.

2. What’s your favorite thing to hunt? What’s still on your bucket list?

I have many favorites but the top three are: Black Bears, they are unpredictable and curious and I love learning about them, Moose, as it is an all-time hunting heritage event in our family with my Grandfather being a moose guide, it is almost mandatory! In all, I have moose hunted solo, with my son and dad and now in a gang and it is truly a heartwarming hunt. Three would be grouse, you can go alone or you can take a group of 5 of which I do on the Take Me Hunting Outreach Programs and you can learn so much from each hunt and from each other. You can make it stealthy or straight-up fun. I don’t have anything on my bucket list as of yet.

3. Favorite thing to fish? What’s on your fishing bucket list?

Fishing for Northern Walleye is definitely a no-brainer, taking your pack and walking into a lake that hasn’t been visited in years and just soaking up the peacefulness. my parents love fishing and always went together. Bucket list fishing is East coast sharks!

4. On your website you talk about being a role model, particularly for the younger generation. How much does being a role model play a part in all of your activities?

When I am doing anything I think always on ‘who is watching’, ‘who will see it’, etc, so I take that into consideration with the words, actions and even sometimes outfits I choose. I always told myself no matter what I will never take a photo I can’t show my Dad. I practice safety, body awareness, language, and fun in everything I do. The younger generation floods me at the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show and to be honest, they are my favorite guests, they want to soak up all your information, they want to share all their experiences with you from the last year. This year we even included a few of the returning youth into some episodes and photo shoots.

5. I love all the elements of your business model – particularly the marketing aspect. (I dabble in outdoor marketing but not nearly with the same level of success!). Are there other areas of the industry (or other industries, I suppose) that you want to get into, or have you found the success formula you are comfortable with?

Well, my background is marketing and my love is hunting and firearms, it’s easy when you do what you love – so I think I have it covered I would love to create a spot for everyone to come under one roof to learn, stay, play and eat. The Just Hunt Lodge – STAY, PLAY AND LEARN. All my outreach programs under one area. That is my dream.

6. I love your passion for causes. What are some causes that you are fiery about, and why?

Well I have Graves Disease and it has been a struggle my entire life and back when there was no internet I had to struggle alone wondering if anyone else in the world felt like me so I started finding others in the same predicament with a different ailment so I decided to help. I created events, like Ride for Progeria, and Snowmobile Ride for Multiple Sclerosis, etc to bring awareness to these people’s lives and ailments. I am fiery about any of them that affect anyone. I have asthma – so the Lung Association, my son has congenital heart disease (open heart surgery at 11 months old) so the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, etc. Mental Illness is a fiery topic as well, I have fought with bullying my entire life and to watch how the world has changed and to see even more people need the support in mental illness than before, and not just soldiers dealing with PTSD, I was diagnosed with PTSD August 27 2017 when my mom passed away and now that I think back I would guarantee she had the same thing. It is important in life to assist where you can, when you can. No one should have to struggle alone.

7. The number of hunters are dwindling, as society changes there is more and more anti-hunting sentiment, and social media can create an environment where hunters and anglers can bicker, mock and disrespect others. In your view, what is the biggest challenge facing hunters and anglers in regards to the future?

Actually the numbers are increasing, with my Take Me Hunting Outreach Programs I introduce at minimum ten new hunters each year, who then teach others. In the future, the anti-hunters will be getting their hunting licenses due to this time in our lives to be able to find self-sustainability, but that is just my opinion, based on the hundreds of emails and messages I have from anti-hunters who want to learn to hunt now.

8. For my readers – what is the best way for them to find you?

On the web: justhunt.ca www.amandalynnmayhew.com

Follow her on Instagram: @amandalynnmayhew

On Twitter: @amandalynmayhew

On Facebook: Amanda Lynn Mayhew

9. When are you coming to Arizona?

When I’m invited!

Check it out:

I can tell just over email that Amanda is the kind of lady our industry needs and also, and one that I would love to hunt with. I’m gonna try to get her down to Arizona – I think a combo Javelina and Coues Deer hunt may be just the ticket for that cool Canadian gal! Thanks again for your time Amanda – I really appreciate it!! ~DesertRat