I’m very appreciative to the team at Chic Execs PR for reaching out to me about Outlaw Soaps. Not only did they arrange for some samples, but they facilitated a very cool interview with the owners. ~DesertRat

I was so intrigued and excited about Outlaw products that I placed a personal order while waiting for the review samples to arrive. All in all I tested lotion, soap, body wash, solid cologne, deodorant and car air fresheners. Make no mistake – these scents are for the whole family, but they’d also make a great Father’s Day gift – and I bet the good folks at Outlaw could still get the products to you!

I was intrigued by the whole premise of the scent line – gunpowder, leather, whiskey, campfires, sagebrush and more. These products embody the west. They embody ruggedness, and embody the outdoors. After all, who wouldn’t want to smell like whiskey and gunpowder??

The air fresheners worked great, the price was good and the scent lasted about a month, which is pretty typical for car air fresheners. They will run you 5 bucks each which is reasonable, especially for such a unique scent. There are 4 scents to choose from.

The deodorant smelled good, and worked good but my sample didn’t go on smoothly. It was tacky – like pull your hair tacky. Not the end of the world – it was otherwise a good product, and that may not be typical. You have five scents to choose from which includes an unscented. A deodorant will run you $13

I get the impression that their soap is kind of their flagship, and it is definitely a hit. The strength of scent is just right. It lathers up great, and lasts a long time – I would highly recommend their soap. It comes in six scents and runs $5 each – which is a great price for handmade soap.

The body wash was also a hit. Again – the scent was just right. Not too weak, not overbearing. It lathered up great, didn’t leave any weird residue and your skin smells and feels great. It comes in seven scents and they even have a subscription service! A bottle costs $14 which I think is reasonable for such a unique scent. It lasts a long time.

The lotion is another great product. Now, I’m not really a lotion guy but I know lots of folks use it, and those that do will love the offering from Outlaw. It absorbs nicely, no greasiness after and the strength of scent is just right. Like all of the other products from Outlaw, this product is chock-full of natural ingredients, and cruelty-free.

I’ve never used solid cologne before but I loved this product. For an amateur like me, spray cologne can be tricky. It’s real easy to put too much on and smell way over the top. The solid cologne solves that problem. It’s easy to apply and provides a level of scent that is just right. They have five scents to choose from at $24 each. Don’t let the price tag scare you – it’s fair. This jar will last a long time.

These are some high-quality, imaginative, great products made and sold by some very cool people.

I love the scents, and love the products. I only ran into one issue – my wife didn’t like the scents, other than her Calamity Jane car freshener. There was one scent that she could tolerate, and several that she didn’t like at all. Not “Meh, it’s not for me”, but vociferously disliked. She has some odd sense of super-smell which also raises its ugly head when I am cooking javelina chorizo. No one else can smell the difference, but she can. The good news is that everyone else enjoyed the scents. All in all I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend these products. Heck – I’ve been telling lots of people about them. Great gifts for men and women alike. They have gift packages, assortments and subscriptions. I’m just going to have to try some other scents to see if I can find one the missus likes.

You just can’t dispute the originality of their scents:

Blazing Saddles – Leather, gunpowder, sandalwood and sagebrush

Fire In The Hole – Campfire, gunpowder, sagebrush and excitement

Lust in the Dust – Sagebrush, sandalwood and campfire

Mountain Hideout – Pine trees, damp earth, and campfire

Calamity Jane – Clove, orange, cinnamon and whiskey

Home On The Range – Laundry, blackberries, fresh cut grass

The Gambler – Bourbon, tobacco and leather

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