A huge thanks to Megan from Chic Execs PR for contacting me about TP Kits and sending some along for a review. Chic Execs is one of my favorite PR companies and they always have interesting stories and products to talk about. I love working with them! ~DesertRat

Toilet paper, of all things has been front and center lately. From massive shortages which arose during the early stages of the Covid crisis to being a major factor of litter at National Parks, TP is making the news for all of the wrong reasons.

I could spend a whole column, heck – several columns – talking about the disgusting slobs that leave trash and refuse in our beautiful open spaces. It is one of my pet peeves, and it is inexcusable. If you feel like being enraged – check out some articles:

Tourists Leaving A Mess At National Parks

National Parks Getting Trashed During Covid-19

National Parks Being Trashed

Luckily – the good folks at TP Kits have a product that can help with this issue.

From the release:

TP Kits is the company that believes in being prepared when nature calls, even when your bathroom is nothing more than the backwoods as you’re hiking or camping.

Simple and well-designed, these 100% biodegradable kits consisting of toilet paper and sanitizing wipes are the ultimate essential for your summer adventures. TP Kits are useful on road trips, especially when the great outdoors turns into your bathroom while running, hiking, camping or any other recreational excursions.

What did that leaf ever do to you? TP Kits is the clean and sanitary way to finish your back country business without abusing innocent leaves in the process. Best of all they’ve created a toiletry pack that doesn’t impact the environment in the process.

Meet the Kit with 5 Tissues, 2 Wet Wipes, Plenty of Features but Zero Waste:
• Comes in a resealable, water-proof package
• Easy hold in your makeshift bathroom area
• Contains 5 double-ply bath tissues
• Contains 2 cotton blend sanitizing wipes
• All contents are 100% biodegradable

Lightweight and compact, TP kits are portable to anywhere. They come available in single or 10-packs.

So again, Megan was kind enough to get some sent my way to try. Admittedly a toilet paper review is new for me, but I’m always willing to make sacrifices in the name of objective journalism.

I was a bit skeptical when I opened a packet.There were five little folded squares of TP and two wet wipes individually packaged. Without getting into the gory details, there’s no way I thought that would be enough for one trip to the restroom. Full disclosure – this product was tested in the comfort of my own home, not in the forest or desert. Without disclosing my actual testing methodology (you’re welcome) I can say that unless you are ill or suffer from some kind of medical dysfunction – one packet will be enough. Truth be told, one packet might be enough for two trips!

Everything in the packet is 100% biodegradable and if so inclined, you can put the items back into the resealable package for carryout (not recommended for #2 hahahaha)

Seriously, what a great product! I usually have TP wadded up in a pocket, and I know a few people that in an emergency, cut a t-shirt sleeve off. This product is seriously affordable – a box of 10 individual packets will run you 10 bucks or so. I’m not sure what else _ can say – well thought out, economical, works as advertised, AND helps the environment. It gets the Desert Rat Seal of Approval for sure.

The trashing of our beautiful open spaces is terrible. Please do your part – bury your TP. Pick up your trash. Never leave campfires unattended and always make sure they are extinguished. Finally I always bring trash bags and pick up other peoples’ trash. When you are hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, gathering or whatever – be responsible. Always leave an area better than how you found it.

You can read more about TP Kits here: Features and here: The Story. Finally please have a look at their site toshop, read testimonials and find more ways to connect with them.

Don’t do this. C’mon….