First off, a tip of the cap to the gang at PurpleOrangePR for reaching out to me about Swiftwick and their amazing socks. Believe it or not, socks are a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life, and the good folks at Smithwick are well-equipped to find the perfect socks for whatever the application! ~DesertRat

When they reached out, PurpleOrange said “Swiftwick just launched the “Pursuit Ultralight” sock, constructed from ultralight merino and a top moisture-wicking sock – great for both hunting and fishing. They also relaunched their hiking sock, with slightly more cushion for longer days on your feet.” Now I seem to have a lot of problems finding comfortable boots and socks. Flat feet when I was young, a decade of combat boots with poor soles, and a lot of jobs where I stood a lot – have all taken their toll. I had requested a pair of “heavy cushion” socks but Abby at PurpleOrange talked me into medium cushion socks. I admit, I was skeptical – the socks didn’t look particularly “cushion-y”, but I went with Abby’s recommendation – the Pursuit Hike – Medium Cushion socks.

I had a chance to try the socks out on a November Coues Deer hunt in southern Arizona. The terrain can be rugged, and I did a fair amount of walking, hiking, standing on that hunt. Boy, I was surprised! These unassuming socks were ultra-comfortable, and the cushion was perfect! I put them through the paces and they were great. It was around 45 degrees in the morning (a bit cold for Arizonans!) and in the high 60’s by lunch time. I was wearing uninsulated boots and my feet were never cold or too warm. From the project description on the website:


The soft, natural fibers of Merino Wool are blended with the superior moisture-wicking capabilities of Olefin to bring you the best, driest hiking sock in its class, PURSUIT™ HIKE. Featuring a variety of cushion levels and cuff heights customized for your next adventure these socks will keep you warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and provide maximum dryness from day hikes to multi-day expeditions. Stay comfortable and blister-free, for as long as your journey lasts.

*Natural Merino Wool combined with Olefin fiber for maximum moisture control, keeping your feet dryer than any sock in its class, comfortable and blister-free.
*Year-round temperature control keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.
*Wicks moisture to keep feet dry, odorless, and blister-free.
*Seamless toe eliminates any friction around your toes for a comfortable fit.
*Medium cushion designed to complement backpacking boots, moderate pack weights, cooler temps, and/or multi-day trips into the backcountry.
*The six inch cuff crew sock is the perfect height to keep out trail debris.

69% Merino Wool / 15% Nylon / 13% Olefin / 3% Spandex

If you or your loved ones need socks, good socks – I really recommend you head on over to Swiftwick and start picking them out. Even better – if you’re not sure what to buy, they have a sock finder which will help find the exact pair you need. Personally, Abby picked out the perfect pair for me, and I am sticking with the Medium Cushion in the Pursuit Hike line. The pair I tested runs about 17 bucks and I would absolutely recommend them for hunters or anyone looking for great cushion.

They literally have socks for everything – cycling, golf, hiking, running, hockey, men’s, women’s – seriously, you can find what you need at Swiftwick. They even have a National Parks collection, for the National Park Enthusiast in your life. Honestly, check them out.