If you spend enough time outside, sooner or later you’ll have an injury. Burns, cuts, scrapes – you name it. Similarly, if you hunt, fish, camp or hike – you’ll eventually encounter wet conditions. Rain, snow, sweat, lake water – and we all know how hard it is to keep bandages on and healing wounds dry. Sometimes you have a wound or injury that really needs to stay dry..

That’s where DrySee comes in.

“Our waterproof adhesive bandage consists of a waterproof covering that protects the wound and a liquid indicating gauze which visually confirms the integrity of the bandage. The water invasion indicators run along the perimeter and comprise the center island of the bandage. Patients and healthcare professionals will quickly see if the waterproof bandage or wound site has been compromised.

DrySee seals out water and germs with a clear, flexible, non-latex adhesive and non-stick absorbent pad.

DrySee’s color changing liquid intrusion perimeter and pad provides visibility that the wound is protected.

Available in multiple sizes, DrySee’s patented long lasting wound protection promotes healing and alerts you if water gets in.”

Thanks to Laura at Asylum PR for sending me some samples to try. Luckily (or not) my wife happened to have a small wound on her tummy that was perfect for trying the DrySee bandages. I don’t think she knew I took a pic, so don’t tell her…

The bandages worked exactly as advertised. They adhered well and were watertight. After 2-3 days I lifted a corner a little so water would intrude and the indicating strip indeed changed color. For as well as the bandage stuck to her skin, it didn’t hurt when it was pulled off.

You can buy these bandages on the DrySee website. A box of six 2″ x 2″ bandages will run you about 20 bucks.

It’s always cool to find products like this that actually work as advertised. For sure I would recommend them and plan on having a couple in my pack!