You spent months scouting, using trail cams, shed hunting in the winter, working on food plots and all that time paid off and you got your beautiful buck and it looks great on the wall.  A few years go by and your wondering what can I do to take care of my mount, your so proud of it and when people walk in you dont want them to look up at it and think in their head..what happend to that mount… Heres some tips you can use year after year to make sure your buck stays looking like it did the day you got it back from the taxidermist.deer-heads-0051


The Antlers : First thing you want to do is wipe the dust off the horns with a clean damp cloth.  To make the antlets shine you want to wipe them down with Lineseed Oil, some Scott’s Liquid Gold or any non-yellow liquid floor wax but make sure to use just alittle, to much and you can change the color of the horns and thats the last thing you want !!

The Eys : to make the eyes sparkel you want to get some q-tips and spray alittle glass cleaner on them, rub them on the eyes then use the other side to wipe away the excess, making sure to only touch the glass eye, some glass cleaner can fade the paint around the eyes, making it look worse then when you started…

The Nose :  After years of hanging on your wall abover a hear source, or with a window or slider allowing alot of sun on the deer can cause the nose to dry out and crack…If this happens to your mount its not the end of the world theres a few tricks you can do to make it look like new, first place a damn cloth on the nose for 5-6 hours, letting the flesh on the nose become damp and mallebale, once thats done place a dot of super glue on the nose and place the skin back over using a small pin to keep it in place, once the super glue has dryed and the nose is back in place where it should be you can get a small paint brush and near-black umber oil paint and touch up the crack of the nose. Also try to find another place you can hang your buck to avoid the nose to dry out and crack again.

The Hair :  Any house, no matter how clean it is will collect dust, and if you smoke in the house its even worse, and the first place to pick up the dust it the hair on your mount, a thick coat of dust on a mount can make it look like a taxidermist’s first deer he’s ever done.  To get the dust off dampen a rag with water or denatured alcohol and make sure to move the rag in the direction the hair is going. And if you can, try to keep your mount out of direct sunlight, that can cause fading of the hair.

Now that you have all these tips and you have spent all that money to mount and preserve your deer, you can go to work making it look like the day you seen him in the woods, and making your mounts look good for years to come !!

Eric Rash

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