Thanks to Mike of Oak Ridge BBQ for sending me a sample pack of his awesome rubs.

Per Mike’s website:

Oakridge BBQ’s spice rubs are different. Most barbecue rubs on the market today feature high percentages of salt, fillers or inferior grade spices in their formulations, often tending to be nothing more than just cheaply flavored salt in many cases. However, in stark contrast, all Oakridge BBQ rubs feature raw, unrefined cane sugar, ultra-high quality herbs and spices and just the right amount of all natural flake sea salt to perfectly balance each rub’s flavor profile. The special raw sugar we use is crystallized from the initial pressing of 100% pure sugarcane, and has a wonderful molasses-like flavor and a higher burning point than regular refined white or brown sugars. This allows our rubs to be used successfully in both slow-and-low barbecue and high-temp grilling applications. All of our products feature spices and herbs of unsurpassed quality and freshness, and are handmade in very small batches so you can be assured you are purchasing the freshest and most flavorful product available. Additionally, we use absolutely NO MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives, fillers or anti-caking agents in our spice rubs. Our unique, quality-centered approach creates truly artisanal products with bold flavors and perfectly balanced sweet-hot, salty-savory profiles unlike any other barbecue rubs or seasoning blends on the market today. This is the real-deal folks; This is Serious Barbecue rub.

Mike’s rubs were of obvous quality with good color and flavorful. I used his pork rub on some grilled boneless pork chops. I enjoyed his chicken rub as well – both the Game Bird & Chicken Rub, and his “Secret Weapon Rub” also.

Mike also has a Venison Rub as well, designed especially for wild game. Hopefully this fall will provide an opportunity to try that! Look for an interview with Mike soon!